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House Naak

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This is an era of great change for the Mandalorians. 
For the first time in centuries, a true Civil War has divided our people. Two Sole Rulers now clash for control - the Liberator and the Undying. One is responsible for burning to ruin Manda'yaim, whilst the other promotes the banishment of all Force wielders. In this era, choosing either side was not an option - but a choice, we did make. 
We chose not to turn our backs on our vode blessed by the Force. We chose not to uplift the actions of a traitor. We chose freedom; and with it, a departure from Manda'yaim herself. Now, we have regrouped in the Southern Systems. Relovian is our home. The Resol'nare is our guide. 
We are the House of Exiles. We are House Naak.


Owner: Alden Kyr’Nau

Founded: 29-October 17

Members: 7

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  • First Steps

    by Alden Kyr’Nau Oct 29 2017 08:48 AM

    Hello Galaxy,


    We are just getting everything set up with House Naak, including getting all the fancy things to make the page look nice. The first faction thread is waiting for a few more volunteers. I am all very new to this and only wound up in charge because I had to least going on of the three people who came up with this idea originally. So bear with me while I learn how to run a subfaction, please. Anyway, I hope to create many interesting plots in the future around this group of Mandos in exile trying to build a new home


    Oya ner vod!

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