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The Black Fleet

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Stationed near Serpena, the Black Fleet is collection of vessels under Sith Lord Malras.


Here among the edge of the galaxy, they lay no claim to freedom or protection. They are not an empire, nor a kingdom, but a collection of assets and Dark Siders who desire control. Any means necessary are used to subjugate the local systems. In the tradition of the old school Sith Lord Malras acts as the Supreme Commander for the fleet, and keeps his minions in check. Power squabbles erupt from time to time.


But the most pressing issue is battle. For the fleet loves to whet its appetite, whether raiding and subjugating a local world, or taking the fight to the enemies that lurk on the edges of the map.


OOC: Why this is here? To give Dark Jedi and Sith something to do besides get involved with big faction wars and politics. For fun.




Owner: Ari Zanareth

Founded: 04-November 17

Members: 1

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