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House Arenais

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Family Tree.

Members of the House Arenais.





"Chateau La Arenais".

Residence of House Arenais,

Eldritch Mountains.


Family Heirlooms

Available Assets of House Arenais.


The Silver Jedi Order.

Friends & Allies of House Arenais.


Established in marriage by Kay Arenais and Veiere Arenais, Founded on their Home-World of Commenor and established in financial wealth through their previous leadership as King and Queen before the Monarchy was decidedly recalled and Commenor returned to a Democratic State; House Arenais has since grown into a Humanitarian Organization, using their positions and contacts in other organizations such as the Silver Jedi Order, to embolden their ability to support those in great need across the Galaxy.


Veiere, has chosen the life of the Jedi Master. Kay Arenais has pursued the life of a Politician. Together, their values and ideologies have been put together to help deter the growing darkness and insurmountable violence of war that troubles countless millions. The pair are rather notable for their pacifist stance against tyrannical movements such as the Sith Empire, however, they recognize the growing need for action and have begun to pour millions of credits into investments meant to strengthen the Force's of Light in the Galaxy.




Owner: Veiere Arenais

Founded: 11-November 17

Members: 10


  • Expanding Our Horizons…


    Following the dissolution of the Commenori Monarchy, Veiere Arenais has moved to shift the families focus into an emerging Non-Government funded Organization for the people’s aid across the Galaxy. Financed heavily from their time as Political Leaders over the World of Commenor, as well as some well established investments since, it is Veiere’s wish to see the Family Legacy shift it’s attention away from one world, to instead broaden their objective, reaching out to the countless millions who are being affected by the constant warring states of the Galaxy.


    With the support of the Silver Jedi Order, the renewed co-operation across multiple Jedi Organizations as well as some significantly successful companies and contacts within the technological industry and trade, "The House Arenais Humanitarian Trust" can now look to help the other Light-Sided Factions in creating a brighter future for all.


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  • The former Head of House Arenais and once beloved King of Commenor, Veiere Arenais has proven himself unfit for the prestigious mantle since his descent into personal depression and overcome by the lure of the Dark Side of the Force. In his resentment towards the failing image and reputation of the Jedi Order in today's light, Veiere's aggression got the best of him and he led a group of Dark Jedi and Stormtroopers to the The Jedi Enclave of Deneba in an attack that saw to the deaths of many and those whom survived, injured and mentally and emotionally scarred.


    With Deneba now taken up within the care and protection of the Commenor Systems Alliance, Veiere Arenais has since been declared a Traitor and Enemy of the State. Held in Trial under his wife Lady Kay's forced hand, his conviction was thwarted during which Chasin City was plummeted into darkness under the shadow of the Dark Jedi Fleet come for the return of their Leader.


    Having fled from Commenor and abandoned his Family, his previous life and all that he holds dear, Veiere Arenais has since fallen into Exile while the Dark Jedi Order has collapsed in the absence...

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    Starting with the Commenor Systems Alliance


    Re-establishing The Jedi Order of Deneba


    Fighting countless battles to protect the Galaxy


    Vying for Peace and Prosperity


    The Legacy of House Arenais continues to grow!

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