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The Sovereignty

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The Sovereignty is a ‘Managed Democracy’ and Constitutional Monarchy based mainly in the Eadu System. Originally forming as a result of people banding together against a rise in vicious pirate raids and the other dangers of Wild Space, the population has increased ever more as war and conflict have swept the galaxy, forcing refugees to flee from various warzones.

Headed by the Archon, Head of Government and The Sovereign, Supreme Lord, the Sovereignty values the ideals of liberty, loyalty and dedication to a cause. With a growing military and a populace ready and willing to serve, the Sovereignty is not only open to expansion of their borders within the galaxy, but their diplomatic relationships as well.


Though the Force and its users are no differently treated than other citizens of the Sovereignty, that does not mean there isn’t space to use or learn about it; the Sovereignty offers freedom of religion and a myriad of other rights to its people, rights and ideals that it wishes to spread to others.


If you have any suggestions, comments, queries or concerns, feel free to voice them in our discord or in a private message to one of our faction staff.



Faction Owner:

Zedd Harkor


Faction Admins:


Nilia Saavilin


Owner: Zedd Harkor

Founded: 09-December 17

Members: 36

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  • The Sovereignty Mobilises

    by Nilia Saavilin Jan 29 2018 12:25 PM


    If you have not yet heard, the Sovereignty is launching Exsibilation tomorrow; our invasion of the GE-held Zenith Prime hex.


    Click on the logo above to visit our intent thread to see what's happening and how to get involved! Our discord has a channel dedicated to our wartime planning as well and we've organized people into groups already, but it's never too late to hop into the fun.

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  • The Floating Labyrinth

    by Minorous Traske Dec 15 2017 12:21 PM


    The Floating Labyrinth


    As the galaxy breaks into all-out war, as nations in the stars turn on each other, some ignoring the cries of their people and those in the outer reaches, the Sovereignty has answered the call. A fleet of ships led by a behemoth vessel has arrived in the sector and heads to its target of Formos. The fleet is made up of Draxites, a race of raiders, marauders and vicious pirates with no remose, mercy or care for the lives of others.


    The Sovereignty has vowed to take the fight to the Draxites and destroy their fleet before it even gets a glimmer of Formos' atmosphere.

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  • Storms Above

    by Minorous Traske Dec 11 2017 07:11 AM


    Storms Above


    Following the coronation of the Sovereign, Varik Ice, the Sovereignty has arranged a State Address to be led with speeches by both the Sovereign himself and Archon Dramath. However, not all are so happy under the Sovereignty's rule, and the army must quash threats from within, while the Navy holds off those who seek to come from afar. All the while at the Senatorial Hall, speeches and wine, conversations and business continue unfettered.


    Storms Above


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  • Faction Discord!

    by Minorous Traske Dec 11 2017 07:07 AM

    Something that I should've posted here earlier! We have a faction discord, feel free to jump in and chat to any of us or ask staff about inquiries!






    Wheaton's Law is the main thing enforced around here, so follow it. If you don't know what that is, google's the man to ask.

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