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Order of the Canted Circle

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The Order of the Canted Circle is one of the oldest and most exclusive social orders on Coruscant, including some of the galaxy's most powerful, influential, and wealthy beings. Gaining membership is a rare privilege as, on average less than a dozen members are invited each decade, an infinitesimal number compared to the list of waiting elite.
Founded by a group of influential and wealthy beings on Coruscant nearly 2,000 years ago, the Order of the Canted Circle was established as a secret society which observed arcane rituals and gathered in secret to discuss politics and galactic goings-on. After the disappearance of billions from the galaxy, the Order was largely forgotten in the years that followed.
Until 853 ABY.
Though much of the order's more primitive and spiritual traits have been abandoned, the restored order still maintains a high degree of secrecy and exclusivity.
Applications are welcome, though the wait may be longer than anticipated. Inquiries can be directed to any of the order's officers.


Owner: Zeradias Mant

Founded: 26-December 17

Members: 5

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How to become a member

The Order of the Canted Circle is designed to foster dialogue between a number of factions and affiliations. The order was established in 1,000 BBY and reestablished in 853 ABY as a forum for informal discussion, bringing together individuals who share an active interest in affairs relevant to galactic stability and events. The order has one main goal: to foster discussion and dialogue. There is no desired outcome, there is no closing statement, there are no resolutions proposed or votes taken.


There is no application process. The key question is whether members can bring an interesting perspective to the discussions. Members are invited because they can offer a different point of view. Members can propose invitees to the Executive Council, who confer and decide whether an invitation is extended or not. There is always discussion to ensure maximum diversity and exclusivity.


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