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The Lintics

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The Lintics are a group of force sensitive individuals. The Lintics use a special way of the force that has to be taught from one person to another. The Lintics have been around for a long time but are for the moment, inactive. The Lintics are spread all over the galaxy. They are not hostile and accept anyone who is willing to learn. However, if one member is hurt they will resort to hostile action.The Lintics do not require a balance between the dark and the light. The Lintics are not grey, they are more of a new "colour" of the force. 
The Lintic were a powerful force user group. They were hidden and info about them was rare at best. They settled on a planet called Polorus and built temples. They taught people the ways of the force in ways that were new and powerful. However, they died out and left behind a few scrolls of text and a decaying temple on a lonesome planet. Abril has now discovered the temple through small bits of information spread around in the galaxy. She eventually found the temple and learnt from the old scrolls about the Lintics. She has now started to use these abilities to find others and teach them as well.


Owner: Nox

Founded: 27-December 17

Members: 4

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