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The Republic Remnant

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A list of our current major threads:


  • The Fractured Planet: The Republic seeks to find their lost troops and get Makeb to join them in this Dominion of Makeb.


In the aftermath of the fall of the Galactic Republic, not all of her forces went to bolster the Alliance. Some, the brave few, instead chose to head to Wild Space, seeking old worlds that had once allied themselves with the Republic of the pre-Palpatine era. In so doing, the Republic became the Republic Remnant, a set of the few still holding themselves true to the ideals of the Republic, but seeking to hide away and rebuild their forces for the future. No longer do they seek to control the center of the galaxy. The futile effort to do so cost them far too many lives.


Setting up shop on one of the worlds there, they became secretive, isolated. Very few have known of their presence except for the worlds that hold their bases. They are extremely cautious of who they trust, and act more like the Rebellion of old than the Republic of recent memory. It is a necessity. From these minuscule existence a Republic shall rise once more.


It is only a matter of time.




Owner: Alexandra Feanor

Founded: 31-December 17

Members: 53

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  • Hey All, I know everyone isn't in the discord, so you might not see the link there, and its possible you haven't seen the link in the Roleplay Discussions area, so Im posting the link right here to help with things... also, discord link if you haven't joined yet - https://discord.gg/6nMDWm



    As for the bit about yall not seeing a Link. WE HAVE A SKIRMISH... soon.


    I'm slow like normal, so the ACTUAL skirmish isn't up yet, but the OOC for it is, and I want everyone to get over to the OOC so you can link up with a Sith writer and kick them in the backside once I do get the Skirmish up. Some prearranging behind your duels (atleast in the set up phase) is certainly helpful for PVP purposes. It also lets you set up greater story lines for later.


    Anyways. Here is the link for the OOC thread, and I will be editing this when the IC thread is up and ready to go.


    - http://starwarsrp.ne...rrtse-skirmish/

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  • Hello members of the Republic and the Jedi that serve under as part of the sect that remains within Republic space. Over the last two days it was talked about as to the leadership of the Jedi within the Republic and it was decided that until there are more Jedi who can fill roles on the Council, as knights or masters, we will have the Jedi led by a grand-master. Which now leaves me in the situation of asking the members of the faction for their help.


    We need your guy's help in order to nominate a Jedi to lead the order, one from our own ranks that you think would be great for the job in character. This is not an OOC rank, I want to make that clear, we are simply doing this by OOC vote to keep things orderly and to the point.


    With that said, I shall begin with my nomination.


    I abstain from Nominating anyone, as I am the one who pushed the Idea forward and it would be wrong for me to support any character.


    Now, feel free to start us off whoever sees this first.

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  • The Republic Remnant is bringing LAW AND ORDER


    to the Hutt Controlled Planet of Nar Haaska.


    Will you do your part to bring the order, freedom, and stability


    to this abused and mistreated world!


     Join our Dominion of Nar Haaska 


    and do your duty as a citizen of the Republic!


    Objective 1:

    Travel to the trade world of Nar Haaska and deal with the Hutt cartels. They control everything here, including the known spice trade. Their gangs have infiltrated every...

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  • Faction Advertisement

    by Ever Dawnracer Jan 06 2018 09:39 AM







    Ideas. Ideas can never be destroyed. So long as someone exists who believes

    in the idea, it will live on. It is for this reason that we can never truly defeat the

    Empire or the Sith, and it is for this reason that we must remain vigilant at all times.

    - Unknown Galactic Republic General



    The Galactic Republic has long since fallen, but there remains a glimmer of hope within the galaxy. With the rise of the Galactic Alliance, the fight remains against the forces of darkness that seek to overthrow the galaxy. But while the Alliance remains to fight, it's shimmer of purity has long since disappeared. The First Order grows stronger, as does the Galactic Empire and the Sith Empire. The Alliances forces are not, alone, enough to hold all th...

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  • Just Getting Started

    by Ever Dawnracer Dec 31 2017 02:10 PM

    Don't mind the clutter. Getting a faction up and running is a slow process, but a valuable one.


    The intention is to keep this faction minor for a good while unless there's overwhelming support from the member base to do otherwise. This faction is a remnant of the Republic that died out before. We will have a Senate, and we will have a Chancellor, just as the GR did, but there will be things put into place to keep people in check. The power hungry types can go hang out with the Sith!


    Note: We're in need of staff. If you're interested, please post here: LINK.

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