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Aster Spaceworks

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Aster Spaceworks, holds to its name a reputation tracing back centuries, and one they hope to reclaim. It holds to its name the sense of an establishment that was founded to bring to the galaxy the greatest and the latest, to honor its namesake of that Arkanian colony that Kemoth hails from, and to grow past the boundaries set by certain parties to include people of all kinds of faces and all kinds of shapes. You are one of our people, and we welcome you to Aster Spaceworks today.

Founded by those who were able to see past the glare beset upon them by life, and realize that their rival was far from on the right path, Aster Spaceworks is a 400 year old company that came out of the galaxy-wide dark age. It was caused by a lunatic artificial intelligence, and this very definition of a dark age - an era where computer technology and electronics were close to death - spawned Aster Spaceworks.

Today, we are classified as a Tier II corporation. Our Executive President, Kemoth of Asteria, may not be a Mon Calamari, a Bakuran, or a Yuuzhan Vong, but she believes that she will be our most capable leader yet. She is the embodiment of Aster Spaceworks’ ambition for greatness, and greatness we will have.

We have serviced nations old and new. Our ancestors have serviced long-dead civilizations, and new ones alike. Aster Spaceworks may not be its origin company, or the gargantuan megacorporation it had been at one point during its first golden age, but it carries all of its origin company’s experience, and it will get there again. Welcome to the big kid’s table. Welcome to Aster Spaceworks.



Our mission statement is simple. To reacquire and exceed the greatness that our rivals once held, and that greatness when we have reclaimed; to excel in sophistication, quality, and dependability; and to diversify into a conglomerate made up of many companies of many different types with products ranging from hold-out blasters, to droids, to the starships that have our name.

Aster Spaceworks is cliche in that. We strive to be the very best. It is our end goal. We are to acquire a fleet capable of protecting ourselves and the worlds we operate on, to redefine the industry standards in a myriad of fields on our terms, and to continue to build something that has been beloved by centuries of generations - with products defending their homes and their children - and will be beloved by countless more - our products doing much the same in the name of Aster Spaceworks, and our endearing consumer base.


Owner: Kemoth of Asteria

Founded: 09-January 18

Members: 1

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