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Vashtori Ascendancy

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In 420 ABY a there was a civil war on Orax. Sparked by a faction of Force wielding Shard and their companions, this civil war would become known as the Calamity War. Believing themselves to be superior to all other races, Shards across Orax began to raid their neighbors, taking advantage of the shattered state of the galaxy during the height of the Gulag Plague. Their actions caused thousands of Shard on Orax to retaliate in both peaceful protest and violent rebel action. However, the ruling Head of State continued their campaign of conquest. However, after the Head of State was assassinated their regime began to crumble. However, in 426 ABY arogue A.I. designated as Omni began a crusade against all organic life in the known Galaxy. Its assault eventually reached Orax, where the militant faction joined hands with the rogue A.I. and pushed for a new leader, Vashtori, to take the place of the previous dictator. A close adviser of the previous Head of State, Vashtori hoped to continue their conquests. 
But this dream would not be realized. After Omni was defeated, several factions swooped in to Orax and helped destroy the Omni factories and expelled Vashtori’s faction from the planet. They would eventually find themselves trapped in the Rishi Maze for hundreds of years before stumbling upon an ancient Sith battlestation somewhere out in the Unknown Regions. While the battlestation was defunct the teachings, starships, weapons, and armor left behind by the Sith was more than enough to start as a foundation to regain a foothold in the Galaxy. Taking these things as their own the Vashtori Remnant took on the name Vashtori Ascendancy and made the battlestation their base of operations as they begin their mission of Galactic Conquest. 


Their end goal? To rule the Unknown Regions and take back their home of Orax.


Owner: Oren

Founded: 13-January 18

Members: 2

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  • Mazus
    Jun 22 2018 12:59 PM
  • Oren
    Jan 13 2018 06:58 PM

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