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Zar Syndicate

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Greed is what turn these wheels. The Zar syndicate is a consortium of criminal gangs, organized cartels, and even depraved planetary states, all uniting under Zar's banner to continue their less than reputable business without the interference of Empires and Alliances. With the rampant growth in law abiding, inter stellar sovereignties, crime and corruption is being wiped from the face of the galaxy, with no unification to strengthen their forces against these forces of just and law. The Zar Syndicate was created to stop this, and protect criminal organizations from within and outside their established borders. The Syndicate is both legitimate, and illegitimate, to provide a base for greed to subsidize and strengthen, and a platform to expand, both officially and in the underground. The Syndicate uses tools as armies, navies, bounty hunters, mercenaries, cartels, companies, and everything in between, interchangeably, to better suit whatever situation they face. This is crime's renewal, this is the renaissance of lawlessness and greed.


Owner: Sareen Zar

Founded: 08-February 18

Members: 2

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  • Welcome!

    by Sareen Zar Feb 08 2018 09:43 AM



    Welcome to the Zar Syndicate!

    Where all your dreams come true.


    Thank you for joining and welcome to the Zar Syndicate. Right now everything is being made, so there are no features, but if you want to hear about what we will be offering, please click this link, and it will take you to the discord page, where I am talking about whats going to be on her...

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