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Mandalorian Clan Australis

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Mandalorian Clan Australis

Clan Australis is a Mandalorian Clan, an extended family, open to anyone and everyone.

Though if you are gungan, ewok, or named Jar Jar or Tarfang, you will probably get a closer look before we let you in. Whatever sort of fun you're looking for, we can help.


We've got openings and storylines for pilots, commandos, techs, smiths, thieves, organizers, commanders,

miscreants, vagrants, drunks, and general layabouts.


All are welcome, all will be made welcome.

We subscribe to the Mandalorian Resol'nare, as well as Mandalorian values, such as;

Family is more than Blood,


No one cares who your parent was, only the parent you'll be


Family is at the core of Mandalorian life, and Australis is a family that anyone can become part of. We look after our own.  Come and join the craziness on Myrkr.


Owner: Kaine Australis

Founded: 10-February 18

Members: 34

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  • Some useful Clan links

    by Kaine Australis Dec 02 2018 06:24 AM

    I thought I might add these to assist with newcomers to the Clan to see what we're about, what we stand for, and how we go about looking after our own.

    Clan Australis NPC Entry

    Mandalorian Empire Clan Almanac


    Both predate Independence, and need some updating, but the ethos of the Clan hasn't changed, we're simply free from the Empire's control, and unable to use its resources as if they were our own anymore.

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  • Independence

    by Kaine Australis Oct 20 2018 11:04 AM

    Well, the time has come.

    With the resignation of the Alor from the Mandalorian Empire's faction staff, and all official duties with the Empire, Clan Australis will from now on stand as an independent entity within the Mandalorian Empire's space, and let us get a right understanding, continue to exist there at the discretion of the major faction.

    We maintain friendly relations with the Mandalorian Empire, and as Alor of one of the major clans, Kaine speaks in their council when called upon to do so. However, as of now, we will no longer be a sub-faction, but a Minor Faction.

    What this means is we do not officially answer to the Empire as a Clan. The Empire can ask us to leave their space, or repossess our holdings inside their space at any time, but they do not rule us, control us, or bind us to their will. 

    The Clan will answer the call of Mand'alor should the call to war go out to the Mando'ade, however, until such time, will act on its own interests ahead of those of the Empire. I take this decision as Alor in the hope that it will be to both benefit of Clan Australis and the Mandalorian people.

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