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The Corellian Confederation

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Owner: Julius Sedaire

Founded: 10-February 18

Members: 25

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    by Kei Raxis Feb 15 2018 04:54 PM

    Hey all.


    Today (15/02/2018) is the day that we actually do stuff. We have a faction thread pending (pluggly plug plug) posts but otherwise we've been pretty quiet as a few of us build up behind the scenes and sort out all of the Corellian faff that we need. Factions are difficult, people who say otherwise are lying.


    Just to tide you guys over, I wanted an offical list of people you can turn to for help or questions about a specific division! These are listed below, as well as all the admin stuff if you need us. For now, it's all me. Temporary! Okay?! Promise!


    Green Jedi - Julius Sedaire

    Explorers - Coren Starchaser

    CorSec - Jorm Kell


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