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Coruscant Security Force

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The Coruscant Security Force is an independent police agency on Coruscant responsible for law enforcement operations on the planet.


From beat cops to detectives, undercovers to tactical officers, this faction is for all CSF writers to coordinate for future roleplays and stories with one another.


Owner: Kellyn Muir

Founded: 22-February 18

Members: 8

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  • Welcome!

    by Joy Erantes-do-Nascimento Feb 22 2018 12:35 PM



    Grab a donut and a mug of cold coffee, we have criminal wrangling to do!


    Welcome to the CSF. This faction was created with one goal in mind -- To serve as a place for crime-fighters stationed on Coruscant to meet, greet, and discuss storylines we can do with our characters & concepts. Hopefully, this will help us organize our writing and ideas so that we can more easily collaborate with each other. Feel free to start threads or whatever you'd like in our forums if you're looking for some cops... Or perhaps some robbers? :D

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