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Knights of the Pyre - Information Page

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Owner: Amelia von Sorenn

Founded: 08-March 18

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"Law's Flame consumes the Shadow of Corruption"


The Knights of the Pyre are a Military Order with a unique focus on the promulgation of law. They are interested less in the social goodness and charity seen in other such Orders (though are not completely against providing aid to those in need); but rather in the foundation and stringent maintenance of order at all costs. In their iron-handed exaction of law - specifically, the laws of the Free Worlds Coalition and Commenor Systems Alliance - Knights of the Pyre emulate the organized and effective armies of Clones once fielded by the Old Republic at the height of the Clone Wars. They are not concerned with morality or methods, only results. In their view, if people can not be trusted to obey the law out of their own senses of civility and social righteousness, Knights of the Pyre provide the need to obey out of fear of a master's stern hand. 




This Faction Page is intended to catalog the events, threads, equipment, and all relevant information in regards to the Knights of the Pyre. While currently an NPC Organization for use by specific individuals within the Commenor Systems Alliance - they may in time be opened up as a joinable faction in the future depending on their interest and activity.


For now they will remain an NPC Organization. 


Knights of the Pyre


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