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The Bando Gora

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Death. A universal constant, a matter of when not if.

The Bando Gora have risen anew. Fragmented over the years, fallen back into obscurity, but that is where they flourish - in the shadows. Worshipers of Death, the Bando Gora pledge their lives to carrying out Death's will at the command of his chosen bride - the Priestess of Shadow. More than just a criminal organization, it is a cult, sacrificing those chosen by Death and his mistress. After much silence the time has come for the Bando Gora to once more rise to the top of the food chain - or sacrifice themselves in the effort. They will serve the Father's purpose in life and in death.



Founded: 25-May 18

Members: 7

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  • Faction Advertisement is Live!

    by Nil Jun 25 2018 02:12 PM

    Link to Advert: http://starwarsrp.ne...-cult-of-death/


    Congratulations! Our first faction advertisement is up! I anticipate doing one of these every few weeks, highlighting a different aspect of the organization from the Smugger's (guild?) to the Assassins (Blades?) A lot is still up in the air, but as we start to write in more threads, much of it should fall into place!

    If anyone who is here, or new here has ideas or concepts they'd like to run past us, feel free to leave posts in the Faction Discussion!

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