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Lords of Nal Hutta

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This is a Game of Survival


There are only those who win and those who die.


Lords of Nal Hutta understand only wealth, power and respect.


Morality is a construct of fools and sheep. 


Loyalty is owed only to clan and self.


No cost is too high for survival.



Owner: Gorda the Hutt

Founded: 10-June 18

Members: 25

Latest Members


  • Kanjiklub Thread Sign-ups!

    by Gorda the Hutt Jun 23 2018 11:14 PM

    To kick things off we will be having three different faction threads rolling out over the next few weekends. Each thread will have a different focus and opportunity for those interested in credits, spice or expanding their criminal operations! 





    Thread Goes Live: 6/24/18

    Signups Close: 6/28/18

    This Thread will be DM'd

    (Read More) 5 Comments

  • Kicking Things Off!

    by Gorda the Hutt Jun 15 2018 08:44 PM


    Welcome to the first quarterly update for the Lords of Nal Hutta - and the first day of official faction activity! Future updates will be used to give brief overviews of faction story over a three-month period as well lay down future plans for the faction. These updates may become more frequent or less-frequent based on necessity. 


    For this update, however, we will be discussing:


    • IC and OOC story, goals and leadership of the faction 
    • Upcoming Story Plots & How You Can Help Affect them
    • The "Turf War" meta-mechanic project
    • (Read More) 0 Comments