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Order of the Force Hunters

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The Order of the Force Hunters was founded in 3632 BBY by a Sith Lord whose name has been lost to time. Their purpose was to act as a bastion between the civilians of the galaxy, and whatever harm may befall them. According to early records, The Founder was the lone Hunter of the Order, the rest being military personnel that had served with The Founder during the Eternal War. In time, The Founder passed on the mantle to his son, known only as Legacy, who in turn appointed a council of Hunters, expanding the Order into a school of Force Study all its own. Over the millennia, the Order lost sight of its original mandate, and began working for coin, and coin alone. It may have continued like this for eternity, were it not for the actions of the Council during the Vong War. Sacrificing many lives, the Order helped win victory over the Vong in the further reaches of the galaxy, away from the notice of the Republic and Empire.


What remained was a broken and fractured guild, most of the ruling council having perished in the battle. The remaining members elected a new Council, and sought to return to the old ways, aiding others where they could, and only asking for what coin their organization required to continue trade with the outside world. Now, the guild has a new directive. An expedition to Dromund Kaas, the ancient homeworld of the Sith Empire, revealed a transcript, speaking of the travels of a Sith believed to be The Founder. Operatives now move throughout the galaxy, seeking to understand who this being was, carrying on his legacy of hunting those forces that would enact evil, and searching for what relics this Founder might have left behind...



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