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Empire of the Hand

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Prepare for the Unknown

In centuries prior, in the vast recesses of deep space under the leadership of Grand Admiral Thrawn a union between the greatest aspects of the Chiss Ascendancy and the Galactic Empire rose the might of the Empire of the Hand.

Now, centuries past the original’s destruction this mightiest of unions rises again on the world of Nirauan. Formed of Ascendancy dissenters and exiles and the remnants of the fallen Galactic Empire, the Empire of the Hand rises true and strong! Two bulwarks of the Galaxy combined into one, suffering not the machinations of Sith nor the stubbornness of the Ascendancy the Empire of the Hand seeks to serve as a bulwark of order and peace for the chaotic regions of the Galaxy. The darkness of the Unknown Regions holds many evils, many wishing to tear apart all that the Galaxy knows. And the Empire of the Hand shall stand as a bulwark against these evils!

While in the cities of Nirauan councils and committees convene to express the many people of the planet desires, garrisons standfast with aliens and humans alike ready to brace whatever comes their way. While organizations even further prepare and make sure their world shines as a beacon on what can be done!

See the sights, experience the unknown, join the Empire of the Hand.



Owner: Tsair'ra'Nuruodo

Founded: 22-October 18

Members: 4

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  • And so it begins

    by Tsair'ra'Nuruodo Nov 19 2018 06:18 PM

    After finally decided it was time to switch a focus to this little project, I am happy to say I am just about ready to open it for business. So come on in folks, begin our quest to bring order and try and whip this faction into existence!

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