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Knights of the Force

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This Band of Force users are a new group of 13 'Knights', that have Four major goals throughout the Galaxy.

#1. To find Ancient Sith and Jedi Artifacts, and preserve them.

#2. To Defend Jedi and/or Sith temples from invasionary forces, along with any place strong in the force.

#3. To provide protection to any Force Sensitive person who requests their aid.

#4. To Teach new force users or any who come to seek knowledge in both sides of the force.

The 13 Knights are named and called by different Colors; White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, Brown, Bronze, Gold, Silver, Grey, and Black, each one having their own unique role, but these can be split into 4 different categories, Attack, Defense, Internal and External.

The ones under the Attack Banner are Red and Purple, who both teach about Offensive Lightsaber combat abilities, but also have a major commanding role in assisting other factions with Invasions if their help has been requested.

The Defensive section holds Blue and Pink, who do the exact opposite of Red and Purple. They teach about Defensive Lightsaber fighting abilities and lead whatever troops the Knights can gather to defend temples, strong force sensitive locations, or help in the defense of another faction's location if they request aid.

The Knights for External are Bronze, Green, Yellow, and Orange. Bronze acts as a diplomat for the Knights when meeting with other factions, the main representative of the faction. Green and Yellow are the Bookkeepers of the Knights, studying and archiving the information learned and found from Holobooks, Holocrons, and any temple that requires their study. Orange acts as the enforcer of a planet's laws with the Knights, making sure any troops under their command respect the planet's laws, effectively being law enforcement.

Finally, there's Internal, which consists of Gold, Grey, Silver, Brown, and Black. Gold is the financial bookkeeper, making sure the coffers of the Knights are decently filled enough to keep them going without going bankrupt. Silver and Brown teach new force users basic abilities in the force and about form 1, just to get them started. Brown specifically will also take the new Force Users through the Jedi's rite of passage, and through The Gathering, to help them create their own lightsabers. Black and Grey are in charge of mark the passing of any members of the faction, and to record their passing in the holobooks. The both of them also make sure the final wishes of the deceased Knight are fulfilled, as part of their duties.



Owner: The White Knight

Founded: 22-October 18

Members: 2

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