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Mantellian Commonwealth

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Owner: Vespasian the Elder

Founded: 06-November 18

Members: 4



Faction Name: Mantellian Commonwealth

Current Ruler: Vespasian the Elder

Ruling House: Dorn

Language: Basic

Capital: Ord Mantell



Political: Centralism, Meritocracy

Military: Total war, quality over quantity, speed

Economic: Capitalism, pragmatic but controlling interventionism



Founded by Vespasian the Elder on Ord Mantell, a skilled commander and rich company owner, the Commonwealth was meant to establish order in the currently loose North of the Galaxy. Order through a centralised government which beheads the planetary and sector governments. The principality is ruled by a council of different people based on their skill and dedication. Nobility is defined through the mind, education and experience as well as the ability to use them.


The Principality does not divide any species, nor between males or females. Furthermore it devotes itself to be neutral, not being Light or Dark sided, it values Force users as a source of knowledge, ability and philosophy, but not at cost of a strict, dogmatic points of view.


While the capital is seen as Ord Mantell, the Principalities home is the flagship of the fleet.



Commonwealth´s Organisation

First Council

The first council is the ruling body of the Commonwealth, composed of the most important people from the factions bodies and organisations.

Primus inter Pares: Vespasian Dorn 'the Elder'


Commonwealth Navy

'Valour and Victory'

The Battlefleet is the starfleet of the Commonwealth, divided into several battlefleets each commanded by a 'Commandant of the Division'.


Commonwealth Army Forces

'Discipline, Strength, Honour'

The Army Forces are the instrument of land warfare for the Commonwealth, equally keeping the peace as enforcing the order.


Planetary Governments

'Stability through order'

Each in command of the respective planet or even system, the planetary governors are the chain between the council and the governed population.


Economic Directors

'Development and Profit'

Leading CEOs and leaders of local industrial, commercial and technological companies and coorperations.




Welcome to the Commonwealth´s page!

This is a new faction designed to create a less character-focused environment for players who prefer or are interested to take a more leading, controlling and ruling role. Being politicians, economy owners or military commanders, though it shall not prevent any personal character interaction.


  • Via the HoloNet our Lord Executor ones more spoke to the rest of the Galaxy.


    After announcing our founding, we are now eager to communicate and establish connections with other individuals, companies and realms.

    Therefore the open invitation has been sent out to reach the ears and eyes of everyone who might be interested.


    The invitation invites people to Ord Mantell, to the Dorn Residence to hold an open and non-binding forum to communicate and learn each other. Vespasian Dorn will be the personal host and try to accomodate everyone joining this meaningful event. The Dorn Residence in itself offers a beautifu...

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  • Founding Broadcast

    by Vespasian the Elder Nov 06 2018 02:39 PM

    Our leader speaks via the HoloNet:


    Founding Broadcast



    The Mantellian Commonwealth has been founded to stand as a new option against the old orders of the Republic´s heirs and the descendants of the Dark side teachings.


    Are you a commander of a gracile battleship? Join one of our battlefleets!

    Are you a veteran of the armies? Join our Armed Forces!

    Do you fea...

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