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The Federation of Allied Systems

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The Federation of Allied Systems stands as a new Galactic Power, founded by outsiders and wanderers to establish a bastion of order in the now chaotic core of the galaxy. With a focus on trade and political expansion, the Federation of Allied Systems intends to push out from its borders, and rebuild the galaxy around it, and offer those in need a new chance at a better life, under the protection of the Federal Military

All are welcome within the borders of the Federation of Allied Systems, with the chance to do almost anything, and form a new family within our ranks.


Owner: Sentus Olan

Founded: 10-November 18

Members: 10

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  • First Faction Thread

    by Sentus Olan Nov 11 2018 01:02 PM

    Here we go guys, our first thread as a faction! Head on over to the chat and say hello to your fellow faction members and lets get the party there going. Time for the Federation of Allied Systems to make a new for itself.



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  • Rise of the Federation

    by Sentus Olan Nov 10 2018 12:10 PM



    ‚ÄčA new dawn Rises, and with it the Federation of Allied Systems steps into the light of the galaxy, dedicated to the protection of those in need, and the establishment of Order and Prosperity in parts of the galaxy too long lost in chaos.We shall seek out those who will stand with us in our goals of protecting the innocent, and rise to the challenge of any who seek to destroy that which we shall build.


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