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Mandalorian Clan Kell

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The Mandalorian Clan Kell is a relatively new Mandalorian Clan, created several decades ago by Braan Kell upon his escape from slavery. Now, situated on the world of Saqqar, Clan Kell looks to grow in prominence and power, as well as establish a lasting legacy of Honor, Bravery, and Glory that will be told for countless centuries to come.



Founded: 24-November 18

Members: 1

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  • Nov 24 2018 03:09 PM

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  • The Hunt Begins

    by Darth Animus Nov 24 2018 04:04 PM



    Clan Kell has little say in the galaxy at large. Our name is unknown, barely talked about, and largely forgotten by others. That shall change. Rising from obscurity Clan Kell shall establish its name and reputation across the galaxy, for the procurement of Glory, Victory, and the creation of a lasting Legacy that shall echo through the hall of ages. 



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