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Blue Jedi Order

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The Blue Jedi Order


A New Militant Order has arisen. Based on the New Jedi Order, some parts have fractured and remained behind after the fall of the Alliance. Under the Leadership of Senior Jedi Master Taneya Goldmane, they have consolidated their powers on a neutral world. Incorporating the Silver Suns, a Regiment made of miscreants and Criminals seeking Redemption they've consolidated their power base, and become a beacon of hope for those that feel the Oppression of the Galaxies Empires and Darksiders closing in.


Focused on a balance of Martial Combat, Heavy Armors and Force Crafting to protect themselves, they have ushered in a new chapter for the Jedi.


Purity. Hope. Selflessness.


They exist for one reason only.


To extinguish the Darkness


Long may the Force be With you.


Praise Ashla.


Let the Battle Begin.







Founded: 16-December 18

Members: 2

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  • Gizo Fac
    Jan 24 2019 09:48 PM

  • Dec 16 2018 09:44 PM

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  • Progress

    by RC 212 Dec 20 2018 03:26 PM



    Victory at Thyferra!


    Following a brief Battle at Thyferra, The Blue Jedi Order have wrested control of a Sea Fortress away from the Dark Jedi, Sorliss Gravitas and his Marauders! Preparations are being made to fortify the place well in advance of any incoming attacks. Meanwhile the remainder of the Dark Forces are being hunted down and apprehended.


    The Trial of Sorliss Gravitas


    Sorliss Gravitas has been apprehended and put on Trial following his many Crimes against the people of Thyferra. Currently he is charged with Piracy, Murder, Slaving, and Attempted Murder.




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  • First Thread Underway

    by RC 212 Dec 17 2018 01:44 AM





    We are claiming a Sea Fortress, to make our Home Base.


    Come join us!



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