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Uiscephlean Alliance

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Uiscephlean Alliance


The alliance is in its early days.


The alliance made up of a ruling council of 5 members who are the highest in power in the alliance, currently limited to one world in the unknown regions the alliance is just starting to get its feet wet. These first few weeks would be rough but in due time the Alliance will strengthen and be ready for the future to come.





Owner: Richard Von

Founded: 19-December 18

Members: 2

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  • Come at last

    by Richard Von Dec 19 2018 07:19 PM

    The time has come the Uiscephlean Alliance is now born.


    The Alliance was created for a couple different reasons, to create an external government for Uiscephlean. The Uiscephlean Alliance is looking to expand their wealth and create a sturdy and stable planet so they can prosper. So far the Ruling Council is made up of only Richard, but this is change as the Alliance grows and develops.




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