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The Coruscanti People's Union

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The Coruscanti People's Union was founded to bring Coruscant from a time of darkness into a new age of growth & prosperity. The Union's President-Elect & newly-appointed Mayor, Devlyn Kane, won a relatively uncontested race for City Hall, and has begun fulfilling Campaign Promises to the letter. The Coruscanti People's Union is incredibly popular across the entirety of Coruscant (accounting for approximately 59% of Coruscant's total population) and has been making strides in repairing some of the emotional & physical scars from the past few years. 


This Faction is to serve as the primary landing-point for Coruscant's players - the politicians, entrepreneurs, CDF Officers & Agents, CEOs, and any being with a vested interest in keeping Coruscant the Capitol of the Galaxy.




Owner: Devlyn Kane

Founded: 05-January 19

Members: 1

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