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This faction is currently under review and awaiting deletion pending Admin approval.

Chiss Ascendancy

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Need an organization to use as a front for illegitimate business in the Unknown Region? The "Unofficial Official Chiss Ascendancy" just might be the faction for your high and low-brow crime cover-up needs.

"Can't get busted by Chiss Ascendancy police if you're too busy arguing about which group is the legitimate Chiss Ascendancy police." - chiss-roll-safe.jpg

The Official Unnoficial Chiss Ascendancy is a short-term criminal organization which aims to profit off of the split between The Chiss Ascendancy, The Empire of the Hand, The Official Chiss Ascendancy, and whichever offshoot groups of the Chiss Ascendancy that may crop up in the future.


Owner: Rhen Karth

Founded: 06-January 19

Members: 1

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