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Pearls of Wisdom [Feedback]

Feedback & Critiques Today, 07:04 PM
For the past half a year or so, I’ve scaled back a lot of my involvement in the site. While a lot of this was due to juggling a combination of work and grad school (help me), I felt like I just wasn’t enjoying writing as much as I used to. Maybe I wasn’t connecting with my characters liked I used...
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Ilsa Visel

Character Creation Today, 06:55 PM
Ilsa Visel   BASIC INFORMATION NAME: Ilsa Visel AGE: 24 Years SEX: Female SPECIES: Human FORCE SENSITIVITY: N/A     FACTION: CIS // Eternal Empire HOMEWORLD: Nelvaan ROLE: Sergeant // Ultranaut Section Leader   APPEARANCE: White-Tan Skin 179cm (5'10) Brown Eyes Light Brown...
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Don't Mind me...

New Members Today, 06:47 PM
I've been looking for a new angle. I'm not sure if Gil will be my face here or not. Mostly just wanted to RP with some new folks. :] 
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Starfire Amulet

Technology Creation Today, 06:16 PM
  OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a light-sided piece of jewelry for Aida Aquila Image Source: https://www.amazon.c...e/dp/B07BYNXW9C Canon Link: https://starwars.fan...wiki/Imbue_item Primary Source: http://starwarsrp.ne...f-silver-light/ PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manu...
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TJE Parrying Dagger

Technology Creation Today, 05:29 PM
  OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATIONIntent: To create a parrying dagger strong enough to break swords for the Jen’ari Empire. Image Source: XCanon Link: N/A Primary Source: N/A   PRODUCTION INFORMATIONManufacturer: The Jen’ari Empire. Affiliation: The Jen’ari Empire Model: Swordbreaker Parry...
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DEAD is Coruscant's local Arms and Equipment dealing Criminal Empire. We supply the black markets on many planets with a variety of Blasters, Cybernetics, Armours etc etc. DEAD is a vast network of criminal cells, all spreading confectionary that most would deem awfully illegal, but we'll never be found, cause through some cheeky legal loopholes and proxy chains, we don't even exist.




Owner: Orex Mauda

Founded: 11-January 19

Members: 3

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  • DT/AI - 03

    by Orex Mauda Feb 02 2019 09:59 AM

    DEAD is going to be equipping armies and whatnot soon (Including its own). So here we have an Anti-infantry heavy blaster. Meaty gun, kills people very hard.


    Tech Thread:



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  • DT/HB - 475

    by Orex Mauda Feb 02 2019 09:57 AM

    Our first Heavy Blaster. Not awfully powerful, but good at killing lots of people so that's all that really matters.
    Tech Thread:

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  • CSA - 04

    by Orex Mauda Feb 01 2019 02:43 PM

    Debut weapon is the CSA - 04. A cheap and easy-to-produce sidearm intended for the masses of Coruscant. Hopefully we can have this circulating the Market place soon.


    Tech Thread:




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  • Aiding Exploration

    by Orex Mauda Jan 31 2019 10:29 AM



    Saako Exploration & Shipping has contracted us to aid in their colonisation efforts. Simple endeavour, we back them up with Ironscale and wipe out any native populations. Then we set up manufacturing facilities on the new world. Quite exciting, plenty of expansion.




    Weapons Factory: Of course the one thing we specialise in is the manufacture and distribution of untraceable weapons! It's expensive to have only one planet on which we have factories because that means the cells we distribute to have to travel long distances to get their stock to more exotic planets. This will be one of the first steps in Galactic Expansion. The further out we are, the more planets we can spread our influence to.


    Droid Factory: Certainly a first for us. This has many implic...

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  • New Priorities

    by Orex Mauda Jan 29 2019 02:36 AM

    Spoke with a Trandoshan Pirate .. Lord kind of guy. Basically, DEAD will be acquiring a Spice Mining facility on Kessel, a new workforce and funds and equipment will be diverted into this Collective.


    All mutually beneficial of course, We're being given an Army and a Flagship. And most importantly, the foundation for an Empire.


    It's just up from here :)

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