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Scum, Villainy, and Pretty Girls

Star Wars: Private Role-Playing Today, 07:39 PM
Krystal needed to get off this planet.   She had arrived on Tatooine not two days earlier, and already she could feel the grime of Mos Eisley settling over her skin. Her hair was braided atop her head as it usually was, but that didn’t seem to help the beads of sweat dripping down her back....
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Tatooine Meeting with Unexpected People

Star Wars: Private Role-Playing Today, 07:24 PM
The Jen'Ari Empire was in ruins. Darth Vyrssaru is dead and the Faction broke up into splinters. Mike did not know where to go, so he went to a place worth going. The planet which had his first war that he had been at.   Mike was on Tatooine. He was having a good day just enjoying the Mos Ei...
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Building Up!

Eternal Empire Today, 05:46 PM
We're almost ready to kick things into high gear. IC is still a bit behind on the OOC front, and with it being a holiday weekend, that could delay it some. In the meantime our staff is growing, and so will our assets! We're getting more planets added to the map near Zakuul, so that'll give us mor...
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Leaving the site for the planned future.

Returns & LOAs Today, 05:08 PM
I am leaving the site for the planned future, maybe only popping in rarely. I apologize to those I have threads with and am sorry but my time on Chaos is done.
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Kuat Drive Yards

Company Listing Today, 03:47 PM
  OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION   Image Source: X Canon Link:  X Development Thread: N/A Primary Source: X X   CORPORATION INFORMATION   Corporation Name: Kuat Drive Yards Headquarters: Kuat Locations:   Belderone Gyndine Karavis Xa Fel Rothana Balmorra Operations:...
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DEAD is Coruscant's local Arms and Equipment dealing Criminal Empire. We supply the black markets on many planets with a variety of Blasters, Cybernetics, Armours etc etc. DEAD is a vast network of criminal cells, all spreading confectionary that most would deem awfully illegal, but we'll never be found, cause through some cheeky legal loopholes and proxy chains, we don't even exist.




Owner: Orex Mauda

Founded: 11-January 19

Members: 2

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  • We're the Captain Now

    by Orex Mauda Feb 27 2019 05:13 AM

    D.E.A.D: Now a full on Arms Manufacturer


    No longer will we create for others. DEAD originated as a supplier to all other black markets and criminal cells. But we're changing now. We'll be manufacturing purely for our own use. Everything produced, unless having been commissioned, is under DEAD and belongs to DEAD.


    Of course this raises the question of Proxy Chain. Will we be abandoning that? Of course not, otherwise the authorities would be onto us faster than a Sith Empire can crumble. Civtech, the legal front for DEAD will technically be manufacturing our stuff, and then we brand it DEAD and sell it. So, it's still somewhat legal. Just, less legal than before. But we'll be fine. 


    Why are we switching to diverse arms manufacturing? Money. Because we're going to need a lot of it for our goals. Need I remind you that DEAD is simply a resource generator for greater things? I hope not. But with the Kessel facility, expansion across Coruscant, colonisation of Amandras and this business switch, we'll be well on our way to achieving the ambitions I have laid out.


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  • DT/AI - 03

    by Orex Mauda Feb 02 2019 09:59 AM

    DEAD is going to be equipping armies and whatnot soon (Including its own). So here we have an Anti-infantry heavy blaster. Meaty gun, kills people very hard.


    Tech Thread:



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  • DT/HB - 475

    by Orex Mauda Feb 02 2019 09:57 AM

    Our first Heavy Blaster. Not awfully powerful, but good at killing lots of people so that's all that really matters.
    Tech Thread:

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  • CSA - 04

    by Orex Mauda Feb 01 2019 02:43 PM

    Debut weapon is the CSA - 04. A cheap and easy-to-produce sidearm intended for the masses of Coruscant. Hopefully we can have this circulating the Market place soon.


    Tech Thread:




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  • Aiding Exploration

    by Orex Mauda Jan 31 2019 10:29 AM



    Saako Exploration & Shipping has contracted us to aid in their colonisation efforts. Simple endeavour, we back them up with Ironscale and wipe out any native populations. Then we set up manufacturing facilities on the new world. Quite exciting, plenty of expansion.




    Weapons Factory: Of course the one thing we specialise in is the manufacture and distribution of untraceable weapons! It's expensive to have only one planet on which we have factories because that means the cells we distribute to have to travel long distances to get their stock to more exotic planets. This will be one of the first steps in Galactic Expansion. The further out we are, the more planets we can spread our influence to.


    Droid Factory: Certainly a first for us. This has many implic...

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