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The Crucible

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Owner: Darth Timorem

Founded: 14-January 19

Members: 3

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Through the fire and the flames, they walk on. These are the warriors of The Crucible, weakened by the fire, and strengthened by their Fire Lord. Taught to command the flames like the flames used to command them. Brought from the ground to the skies. 
The order that serves the living flame, their Fire Overlord. The Crucible is an order of force users that focus their efforts on harnessing fire, honing the ability to use it as casually as a force push or as naturally as breathing. The Crucible's Fire Council is the physical representation and manifestation of their Overlord's, and the Sovereign Protectors his will. They hold a temporary base of operations on Naos III, but their scouts dauntlessly search for a new, deadlier world to serve as a more suitable location for their permanent base.


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