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The Corellian Confederation

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Life. Liberty. Democracy. Freedom. Safety. 


These are the tenants the 5 worlds of the Corellian Confederation prides itself on. Disillusioned by its near destruction and occupations by dark forces, the Corellian Confederation has taken it upon itself to reclaim its independence and provide security for its sister systems in the Corellian Sector. Allies of democracy and friends of the Green Jedi, the Corellian Confederation is dedicated to bringing its values to all worlds within the Corellian Sector and beyond, uniting them under one banner. 


Owner: Lisza Starseeker

Founded: 28-January 19

Members: 134

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  • ewl1Qch.png

    War Brews in the Core

    The Corellian Confederation clashes in a border skirmish over the planet of Kuat. While members of the First Fleetfought valiantly, the Kuat system and later the Alderaan system, fell under Core Imperial control. Efforts are being made to contact sympathetic systems in the sector in order to aid in further military resistance to the tyranny of the CIC. 


    In other news, representatives in the Ebaq system have contacted the Corellian Council in regards to joining the confederation after the tragic crash and destruction of the passenger liner Lucid Star and the cargo vessel Andromeda Star. The Dikta...

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  • Dominion of Eclipse underway!

    by Kian Karr Aug 07 2019 06:55 AM



    The Dominion of Eclipse has begun. Dark forces warped and corrupted the Rakghouls, using them as weapons with which to strike at the Corellian Confederation. Following the events of Ebaq, joint operations of Jedi and CC military have traced the origins of the Rakghoul menace to the asteroid belt of the Eclipse system. What dark forces are waiting there? What hidden secrets and mysterious will we find?


    Only one way to find out. Jump into the Dominion of Eclipse!



    • Investigate the hidden base
    • Neutralize vessels supplying the base
    • BYOO - have another idea to make the dominion fun? Bring your own objective to the table!

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  • xsdXcX1vapwPm5tMA4q1-iQokHjvV-hBPK7lLICq

    Corellia Gains New Allies


    For the heroism and sacrifice shown by the Soaring First Fleet, the people of Balmorra have joined the growing Confederation. After the capture of their Lord Admiral the Admiralty of Humbarine have also begrudgingly joined with peace and trade brokered between the Balmorra system, the Humbarine System, and the Corellian Confederation. With their Lord Admiral returned and given the rank of High Admiral within the Defense Force navy crisis has so far been averted. 


    Also of note, the heroes of the...

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  • Had Abad Day Complete!

    by Lisza Starseeker Jun 24 2019 08:13 PM





    The Terrorists have been captured! After running amok aboard a Corellian vessel, their dastardly plots while unknown have been thwarted! Tensions between the Core Imperial Confederation and the Corellian Confederation increase as Corellian diplomats have convinced the people of Dremulae to join the Confederation, securing a crucial boarder sector and stemming the tide of oppressive Imperial Doctrine! Corellian forces have moved into the sector to secure our boarders! 



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  • Rebellion Victory!!

    by Lisza Starseeker May 04 2019 10:22 AM


    The Corellian Confederation is Victorious!


    Freed from the shackles of the New Republic, for the first time in over 700 years Corellia is free to forge its own destiny and reunite the stars of the Corellian Sector. But a dark shadow looms over the Core Worlds as the Core Imperial Confederation continues to adopt or subjugate worlds to its will. 

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