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Galactic News Network

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The Galactic News Network


Bringing you the latest breaking news from around the galaxy. All day every day!


Stay up to date on the galactic stock exchange prices, the major and minor factions around the galaxy, as well as our special features on which planet is hot right now to visit or to run screaming in horror from!

Find the locations you never knew existed, eat at the restaurants the Sith Emperor recommends and never wonder again what the Grandmaster of the Silver Jedi Order has for breakfast!

Want to wow a CIS Woman? March better than a First Order Trooper? Out talk a republic politician at his own game? Outshoot a Mandalorian? or Hang tough with our Outer Rim Buddies? Our features have got you covered, and if we don't write us an angry hololetter and we'll get right on it!

All from an unbiased news service, you can trust! 

Disclaimer: Certain Corporate Sponsors notwithstanding. 


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Founded: 02-February 19

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    This is Lorril Hjalri, GNN War Correspondent Reporting LIVE from Eshan, Mandalorian Space, confirming that Confederacy forces have driven the Mandalorian Military from Echani territory. This can confirm that a Confederacy Victory has been won.


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    This is Lorril Hjalri, GNN War Correspondent Reporting LIVE from Eshan, Mandalorian Space. In a suprising move, a massive CIS Fleet has invaded Mandalorian Space and is attempting to wrestle the homeworld of the Echani people from the grasp of the Mandalorian Empire. 




    UPDATED: 6:52 AM GMT 2/26

    Confirmed: a massive worm-like creature has destroyed most of the E...

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