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Baran Do

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Baran Do


Having been born long Millenia before Dorin joined the republic the Baran Do were the force sensitives of their home planet. At first they were but predictors of disasters through their senses, but their meditation and use of the force began to grow. By the time they joined the republic the Baran Do sages had developed their traditions and powers considerably. They were advisors in use, and peace seekers within. Hence their focus on meditation. Even before they joined the Republic and many of them, and future generations, joined the Jedi, they had already developed considerable telekinesis, and even a form of force lightning. Fortunately or unfortunately, their joining of the Jedi so commonly diminished their numbers considerably to the point that they almost became mere myth. Barely holding on thanks to the little recruitment and families who sent their children to learn from them. During the Empire under Sidious they had gone into hiding out of fear, but ultimately reemerged when they saw that the Jedi had also survived.


However, they would never return to their full numbers they once had. While they had technically returned into the eyes of the universe, they were far from the most public. Perhaps still sticking instinctively to avoiding attention for a long time. 


In 845 ABY however a new Master of the order was brought forth, Xos Drikre. While perhaps young to become the master of the order, being 36, the visions Xos so often experienced, along with his deep meditations that brought him from a conflicted naive child to a wiser prophet, advisor, and teacher.



The Master of the Order before Xos had begun to prepare the order for bringing more into it, perhaps he knew how willing the following leader would be to further the order. Whether or not he did, Xos did indeed continue with his actions, and now wishes to bring more into the order. To spread it's teachings, even to those who will not be under the title of Sage. If only to teach peace of mind and heart, and to help the universe in its eternal conflict as advisors, and, should the occasion call for it, protectors.



Teachings and commands: Above all else there are two things the Baran Do teach. They learn to obtain peace of mind and heart, for a culture so strong in the force physically, the Sages are among the most peaceful. After all it was only through meditation and the help of others that they became what they are. And secondary, is advising others. They strive to protect those who listen from natural disasters particularly, but have been known to take political positions for the same insight. Foresight and meditation are the only things any Baran Do will ever be expected to practice, and if they can only manage the meditation, then they will still be accepted. While they do limit their members to force sensitives, they do not reject their teachings to others. And openly profess their methods to those who choose to ask. What is expected is that, should they choose to fight, they are just and fair, and will never go farther then necessary. They are not an army or militia, they are more a way of living then anything else.


However, there are those that choose to take the path of combat, and for them there is instruction as well. The Baran Do do not employ lightsaber or blasters, or even bladed weaponry. Rather they practice martial arts and the use of a wooden staff. A simple, easy to employ weapon, and one which can be used by the unpracticed or the masters. They do not look down on those who choose to take this path, however they do expect them to continue their meditation as they can. This is a weapon that has passed from era to era and had millennia to grow, and while there is no necessity to learn it, there is plenty to learn about it.


Baran Do are also known for particular force powers, from their origins to the present. Visions, foresight, and precognition are the easiest to explain, which have come particularly from their meditations which are so ingrained in their society. And just as they began, enhanced senses are a common and easy to teach technique among its members, allowing them far more awareness and chances to guess at future situations, particularly in regards to disasters. This sensory ability is actually so akin to precognition of natural events that they consider them rather interchangeable under most conditions.


‚ÄčThere are more powerful methods that they have learned among the Sages and Masters as well, Telekinesis being the most common and most powerful, as it is extremely useful to use against natural disasters and is their most practiced common ability. A sub-trait of it is creating whirlwinds, more common among those who have taken the position of Sages, but not implausible for a master to have. However, for an apprentice to possess this would indeed be unusual. There is one more trait that has continued practice deep from the past into the present, the use of a white force lightning, something that is unusually powerful and common given their peaceful nature and which also shows among both Masters and Sages, though with varying degrees just as whirlwind.


‚ÄčIn more recent times, due to Xos's teachings when he was the Senior Combat Instructor, there are two more that have become somewhat more common. Telepathy, while rarely to the same level as Xos, is a little more common among those who are chosen as advisors of unusual situations. As it allows them to more efficiently communicate with others. In addition there is Force Barrier which has grown to be a somewhat more common trait, particularly used in group against bad situations to create a large powerful barrier to prevent anything getting through they don't want to.


There is one more technique, though more rare, called [url=https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Ayna-seff]Ayna-Seff[url] A technique that can be difficult to master, but ultimately quite worth it should one do so and find themselves in a fitting situation. However, used wrong, it can also pose dangers in storms by causing repeated lightning strikes on the user. It relates to suffusing electromagnetic radiation through the body to cause a variety of effects. It did however require two pieces of equipment to preform, a durasteel sphere and charged plate. 




Master of the Order: Xos Drikre

Senior Combat Advisor

Senior Meditation advisor

Combat and meditation advisors






Senior Combat and Senior Meditation advisors are considered of the same rank, as are Combat and meditation advisors to each other. One individual can take both positions, however there is only one Senior Combat advisor and one Senior meditation advisor at a time presently. Masters are considered to be having completed any required training to be permanently considered a member, unless expelled, and are allowed to teach others as well. Sages however are considered to have proven that they can do more then help themselves and teach others, and that they can help those outside fo the order. Sages are often permitted to follow their own commands outside of the order, and because of this once one becomes a Sage they are allowed to participate in almost any external affair unless specifically changed by a Senior Advisor or the Master of The order (this has happened, but is rare). Master can participate in outside matters, but usually must do so either in a group, if it's a natural disaster (in which case even apprentices can get involved), or if permitted to by a Senior Advisor or the Master of the Order.


Any member can participate in time they see a moment of need, and while they are usually seen as having the right to make their own choice in moments of need. Should their actions be considered questionable, Investigators will look into it.


Investigators are something that Xos decided was best done. Having seen the secrets of so many, he realized that even though he was not as naive as before, and most weren't either, there was occasionally the necessity for internal analysis, and sometimes that of the outside world. Investigators are taught especially to learn to be able to see the specific history or pieces of something usually through meditation or focus while near the object or individual, allowing them to find things more easily. And are more often taught forms of telepathy. However, while it is their job to discover wrongdoing, they are usually only somewhat more attentive to their combative abilities as it is still not a requirement. Many investigators choose only to take up the job temporarily, or cycle in and out of it.



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