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Acolytes of the Beyond

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Welcome Acolyte.
You have received the calling and accepted our embrace.
Yet now you seek the true answers?
I am not here to tell you them, only to guide you to the path of self-discovery.
What I will tell you however will change everything.

Sieger was a traitor.
A false prophet that took our teachings and butchered them for his own personal gain.
He was a thief who betrayed his brothers and sisters and created a twisted and false order that had no right to name of Ren.
Do you see them, these thin-blooded, mind-scrubbed children that have been birthed in our absence. These Inheritors of power that was taught by a man who had no right.
Now is our time to remove ourselves from the regions of space un-checked and head inwards, reforge our order and claim back what is ours.

From the Shadow we shall be recast.

In Black we shall be reborn.
Brothers and Sisters.
When all others stand alone.



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