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This faction is currently under review and awaiting deletion pending Admin approval.

Clan Solus

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Clan Solus is one of the many mandalorian clans tat exist today. It is lead by Alor Cynthia Solus as she drives for the betterment of not just her people but people all over. People describe the clan as protectors, beast riders, rescuers and many other noble titles along with. 


Clan Solus Is A clan That values Life and living over anything and is known to be family orientated. Without Family we are alone, and been alone is something no one should endure. Clan Solus Is openly supportive of sexual orientation and Identity Willing to take those in that desire a welcoming place among like minded people. While the clan values life they must serve the Resol'nare. This means that Clan Solus may be called to war. While Most clans focus on direct warfare Solus is mostly tailored towards Indirect warfare and supportive rolls upon the battlefield. Although they are not shy from direct warfare. The clan is based on the world Vanquo and discovering its lands bit at a time.

In a brake down the Clan is mainly for Mandalorian's that wish to become part of Clan Solus although we accept those who are in league with the clan may it be just be one person or as a allied power.


Owner: Sanya Val Lerium

Founded: 12-March 19

Members: 2

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