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This faction is currently under review and awaiting deletion pending Admin approval.

Eriadu Authority

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With the recent collapse of the First Order, various warlord fiefdoms and remnant groups have emerged. One such group is the newly formed Eriadu Authority, on the very edge of former First Order space. Led by the newly crowned Empress, Tanara Kell, the Authority looks to secure it's surroundings and strengthen it's legitimacy. The dream of an Empire did not end with the First Order....


Owner: Tanara Kell

Founded: 14-March 19

Members: 3

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  • A new power is rising!

    by Tanara Kell Mar 14 2019 02:25 PM



    A new power is rising in the wake of the First Order's collapse. A portion of the First Order's former military might has mustered at Eriadu on the edge of First Order territory in the Outer Rim. At the command of a former Knight of Ren and now newly crowned Empress, this newly arisen power hopes to gather strength and strike out to reunite and reclaim the fallen First Order's former territories.


    Welcome to the Eriadu Authority! With the First Order's collapse, I figured this to be the perfect opportunity to create exciting new plots to make use of the now chaotic nature of former First Order space, and for the potential storylines to be had. I have no idea if this faction'll get far, but I'm looking forward to an exciting ride regardless!


    Please use the link below to access our faction discord!


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