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The Emergence Empire

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"Demons Dirt" Shadowcrete

Technology Creation Today, 11:09 PM
OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION    Intent:  Create a unique substance based on Kathol Sector Canon Image Source:http://www.tokkoro.c...7135-metal.html Restricted Missions: Primary Source: http://starwars.wiki...racrete/Legends http://starwars.wiki...ol_Rift/Legends htt...
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It's Love in Alderaan Places

Star Wars: Private Role-Playing Today, 10:21 PM
  Location: Alderaan, Park Tags: Jerek Zenduu       Allya stood dressed up in a cute, colorful outfit in the middle of a park on Alderaan. She admitted, to herself it didn't look quite right. But she knew it was caused by her tritanopia, and endless worry about the day. Shew...
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Kaine's Aranov'kad

Technology Creation Today, 09:55 PM
Saberstaff separated into two individual weapons Original saberstaff in staff mode, before finishing and decoration  OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Create a replacement unique lightsaber for Kaine Australis Image Source: Source - Recolour by Nibsani, cropped...
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FO Lambda Class Shuttle

Starship Creation Today, 09:41 PM
  OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION   Intent:   Serve as a personal shuttle for Shran Image Source: link Canon Link: link Primary Source: link PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards Affiliation: Shran Model: Lambda Production: Unique Material:...
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Bildog [Canon]

Species Creation Today, 09:17 PM
 OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Make a dinky species stub into a kick-ass CHAD creature. Image Credit: https://www.artstati...m/artwork/X14yR Canon: Yes Links: [ Provide links to any relevant threads, characters, companies, locations, equipment, etc here. ] GENERAL INFORMATI...
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Religious Fanaticism has kept the Galaxy in a Technological Pit. Progress is slow, Knowledge is hoarded by Dogmatic Groups proclaiming themselves as Saviours and the people of the Galaxy have Suffered. Since the dawn of Hyperpsace Travel, the same routine between the same warring groups has been perpetuated millennia after millennia. It is time for Change.


The Emergence Empire is the Imperial Extension of the Cassum Cabal. Governed by the Four Superiex, it aims to purge the Galaxy of Jedi and Sith alike. Ideologies that deify the Force and by extension quell Technological Advancement, hoarding Knowledge only for themselves are the Enemies of the People, of Science and of the Natural Order. 


Owner: Orex Mauda

Founded: 13-April 19

Members: 5

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  • Work to Do

    by Orex Mauda Apr 14 2019 05:44 PM

    Well, finally it's here. I've been working up to this since I started at Chaos like 4 months ago. Now we have it, The Emergence. Now we just have lots of work, E.g, Subs, Faction Design, Intro Threads and a bit of Diplomacy here and there. But it's all very exciting. 


    I've been conflicted as to where in the Galaxy we will start. After much deliberation, I think I'll just sub a Planet and come up with some story as to how it came under our control. We'll have a shipyard built there, droid factories etc. From there we'll construct a fleet, put the Army together. Bish bash bosh, we'll be sorted. 


    Join the Discord as well. We'll talk more there. 



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