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The Republic of Ra'Katha

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Owner: Bastille Rommer

Founded: 14-April 19

Members: 2

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For thousands of years, since the arrival of the Wan'anteen in a date beyond the memory of every archive, database and library in the galaxy, Ra'Katha has been plagued by conflict. Petty skirmishes, resource wars, and power grabs made by despots, would-be chieftains and rulers hungry for dominion have kept Ra'Katha in the past while the galaxy has surged ahead without it.


But for no longer.


The powers of Ra'Katha have united, driven together by a common purpose. Ra'Katha has been revitalized, her economy reestablished and her place in the galaxy there for the taking. Fate is fluid, and the Republic of Ra'Katha is determined to mold fate to her own likening. 

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  • New Rosters!

    by Bastille Rommer Apr 16 2019 08:31 PM



    Or, as they say in basic, Hello! Greetings to all members of the mighty Republic of Ra'Katha from your grateful owner, me! Be expecting these little news segments a lot more often as we get things rolling, but the first one ever in our faction is to let you guys all know that ROSTERS ARE UP for the RA'KATHAN ARMED FORCES! Do you have a desire to become a fighter pilot of renknown? Do you randomly feel the urge to command battleships in orbit? Do you savor the crunch of sand under your boots as you blast your enemies into oblivion? Then go sign up for the Ra'Kathan Armed Forces here! (Bonus includes bling for each rank, something to spice up your signatures!)


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    by Bastille Rommer Apr 15 2019 07:12 PM



    From the dunes to the stars, the people of Ra'Katha have soared beyond what was ever imaginable. What had been a backwater desert planet is now a nation of hardened survivors, determined to earn the fame, glory, and honor that is rightfully theirs. Join the Republic of Ra'Katha to etch your name into eternity.

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