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The Valiant Order

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We, The Valiant Order, are an honor bound knightly order adrift and homeless in the great sea of space. Together we travel to every corner of the galaxy, lending our forces to those able to afford us and who promise a just cause to fight for. We are protectors of the weak and innocent, nobles of a forgotten empire, and valiant until the end of our days.


Owner: Triaan Makt

Founded: 03-May 19

Members: 1

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  • Valiants, Welcome!

    by Triaan Makt May 03 2019 05:09 PM



    Welcome to the Valiant Order! If you're interested in joining what is effectively a "mercenary" group as either an officer of the Top Iron, a Knight of the Golden Echelon, or an engineer/scientist of the Silver Echelon feel free to message me. I should have some posts up soon with some lore and information for anyone curious, when those are done I'll be sure to link them here!

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