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Task Force G-11

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"This is Rear Admiral Angelos of the VSD Manticore to any survivors of T.F. G-11." 
A civil war for the control of the elusive Obsidian Fleet, an Imperial remnant which has survived for centuries by harvesting from seeded colonies hidden along the very edge of the galaxy, has raged as Fleet Admiral Savk assembled a force to oppose the rule of the Blood Admiralty, descendants of the original fleet's commanding officers. A rebellion led by the SSD's HighborneWeight Of The Crown, and Eternal, set forth on a crusade to overthrow the unworthy leaders and after multiple successful strikes three hundred warships sailed in to what was supposed to be a tide-changing victory in the Laughing Shadow Nebula.
"We've suffered heavy damage and have mass casualties aboard. I repeat, we have mass casualties aboard and require medical assistance. As...As sole surviving member of TFCOMD I'm authorizing Protocol Omega. All remnants of T.F. G-11 are hereby placed under my command."
Seven ships sailed back out. The tattered survivors, led by the young and newly-promoted flagstaff officer Rear Admiral Winter Angelos under the guidance of her mysterious godmother Sio Anuul'ic, are on the run from the vengeful and tireless Blood Admiralty wielding the full might of the Obsidian Fleet. Their supplies are low, their options are limited, and their casualties are rising. 
"We have several surviving vessels with us and we're not out of this fight yet. All capable ships are to regroup and reform with us immediately. Any ships in distress are to send word. You are to exercise extreme caution and evasive action until you've joined up. You are NOT to surrender; this war is NOT over. We'll fight until every last member of the Blood Admiralty is apprehended and properly charged for their crimes by a military tribunal. We owe at least that much to our dead."
To survive they'll unearth every mothballed facility, dig up every possible recruit, negotiate with every potential ally, and ruthlessly pursue every last rumor or legend of ancient technology which might buy them their salvation...but the Obsidian Fleet is drawing closer and time is running out. 
"If you're stranded and in need of rescue don't you dare give up hope; you are ordered to survive at all costs. We WILL come for you...Angelos out."


Owner: Sio Anuul’ic

Founded: 04-May 19

Members: 5

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  • We have begun.

    by Sio Anuul’ic May 07 2019 06:11 AM

    Okay, so welcome to everyone. I’m very excited to write with you all. Which brings me to where we’re at now. The first Rp titled Protocol Omega has begun. I posted the first post and it’s ready for all our members. Again welcome and let’s have some fun.

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