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The Fringe Imperium

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Deep in the Fringes remnants of the once mighty Lords of the Fringe have consolidated under a powerful warlord. Fueled by an industrial system, and devout religious belief they bide their time, and grow their power. Once the Ssi-Ruvi threat is dealt with they will emerge, and lay claim to the galaxy in the name of their God Emperor Titus, Archon of the Legions, Slayer of the Heretics, Cleanser of Worlds.


Owner: Nova Storyteller

Founded: 31-May 19

Members: 2

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  • WIP

    by Nova Storyteller May 31 2019 09:41 PM


    We are a work in progress. Don't mind the mess. First 30 days will be focused on churning out lore, and then the true fun will begin!


    If you have ideas or questions, feel free to ask!

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