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The Republic

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An Old Idea, A New Face


They say that it looks like the Republic is dead, Freedom and Democracy are dead but looks can be Deceiving. The ideals of the Old Galactic Republic live on proudly in it's new incarnation. If you want to stand up for the rights of free people everywhere then the Republic is where you need to be if fighting the Sith is your goal than the Republic is where you need to be. This isn't just the redo of what other Republics have done in the past, just because freedom and democracy is our goal doesn't mean were above blowing things up and making tough decisions to get it.  


Owner: Lux Berooken

Founded: 08-June 19

Members: 5

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  • First Thread

    by Lux Berooken Jun 19 2019 08:38 PM

    Okay guys first faction thread http://starwarsrp.ne...st-no-fighting/This is sort of a way for all the characters to interact with each other and introduces themselves and make their own background stories if they need to but the most important thing is to have fun  

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  • The Republic Is Here

    by Lux Berooken Jun 10 2019 10:15 PM



    Welcome To The Republic


    The Galaxy needs The Republic and the it needs you patriot. We need soldiers with clear eyes and full hearts to take on the dangers that face not on The Republic but also free people everywhere. As we gain more members we'll be expanding our territory and building up our military, so come on down and join The Republic.  

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