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Owner: Kir Vizsla

Founded: 31-July 19

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"For generations, my ancestors fought proudly as warriors against the Jedi. Now, that woman, [that Manda'lor], tarnishes the very name Mandalorian."

- Deathwatch Leader, Pre Vizsla


For generations, the Mandalorians conquered all worlds which stood in their wake, as lumbering beasts of war they strode...taking all they took in their way. These individuals, the ancestors of these 'New Mandalorians' were proud and held sway with mighty gravitas over all. They were rightfully known as the greatest warriors in the Galaxy. Yet now, their names have been tarnished in modern-day. By these pacifistic cowards that dare to call themselves Mandalorians. They are not what they claim to be, they are merely pretenders who take the title of 'Mandalorian' as their own, twisting it into a grotesque abomination of what it truly should be. Such a thing, such a folly, such an insult, it cannot be forgive. Not now, nor ever. These New Mandalorians must be burned out, root and stone. Deathwatch once came into being to correct such misfortunes and idiotic tendencies of the peace-loving Mandalorians. And they will come again, and again, and again. The Galaxy needs correction, and Deathwatch will deliver such correction. The liars and pretenders will be snuffed out and extinguished, their flames sizzling into noting. Not even their ashes will hold sway over anything, a pathetic reminder of who they tried and failed to be.


Deathwatch seeks to restore the Mandalorians to what they truly are; conquerors, raiders, and warriors. Conquests will hold sway and will we not bend or break, for we are Mandalorians. We are Deathwatch. We do not bend, we shall fight, or we shall die. As the Galaxy commands, we become to our ancestors to teach us and to bring us to the levels of true Mandalorians. Through Deathwatch, we obtain such things.


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