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The Jedi Academy Network

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The Jedi Academy Network (JAN) is an informal community for all Jedi, no matter what their allegiance or their interpretation of the Code. Jedi can come together to share all kinds of information and resources. 


Owner: Coren Starchaser

Founded: 02-October 14

Members: 322

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  • Overhaul and Reinvention

    by Cradossk Jan 06 2018 01:47 PM

    The JAN has a ton of potential. Hundreds of Jedi characters are members, and we have seven subforums to work with - something that can't be duplicated these days. We're prime real estate.

    With Ilias' consent, I'll be renovating the JAN forums to make them a resource for Jedi of all factions. Stay tuned.

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