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The Bounty Hunters' Guild

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Owner: Lysle of the Hydian Way

Founded: 16-November 14

Members: 53

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"Republics may fall, empires may rise. But the Bounty Hunters' Guild stands strong."


The bounty boards of the Holonet had stagnated for some time, and that was not for a lack of war. It was for a lack of Hunters. The Bounty Hunters' Guild had remained silent for some time, leadership fell through and Hunters went rogue. There was no honor or creed to fall back on without a Guild to keep order.


Then a message came through. The first in a very long time. The virtual cobwebs that haunted the empty forums of the Guild were brushed away by warm hands. Information filled the ShadowNet of the Guild, simple and straight to the point; it was time to return.


Welcome to The Bounty Hunters' Guild.

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  • Updates: New members and more!

    by Sidon Eshe Feb 17 2018 12:34 AM







    So this update, I want to alert members (new and old) to some of the updates that have taken place. Within, I'll offer a brief rundown of each new element to the Guild, and supply the appropriate links for ease of navigation. If we could all begin posting, getting active on the forums, we can give this go around a good shot at getting off the ground and making something of ourselves as a faction!


    Also, I am in discussions with the staff to try and make some slight alterations to existing methods of bounty hunting, which hopefully are approved to make us more relevant and more visible in the niche profession we've chosen for our characters.


    Without further delay, here's the rundown:


    • Bounty Postings: These have been overhauled, updated, and now provide the primary...

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      The Bounty Hunters' Guild serves as a central organization that supplies information, resources and - more importantly - contracts for bounty hunters. Through brokering deals with clients, the Guild secures the best rewards for their members, ensuring a high-return on completed deals. In the past, members of the Guild operated as single individual cells, but the new focus of the faction has altered this method; and as of now, all members are entitled to utilize a shared armory, filled with top-of-the-line weapons, armor and accessories for any contract type, as well as the option of pairing with other hunters or being hunter-team allocated for dangerous contracts.


      As previous, the Guild is entitled to a small commission of all contracts, 15% of total contract reward, however the benefits have now changed and include:

      • Live contract updates via the ShadowNet (accessible via secure login on most terminals)
      • Access to information network to assist with contract/s (accessible via ShadowNet)
      • Access to the Guild Armory (50% repair fee on damaged stock)
      • Shared member contacts for teamwork (bonus credits on completion)
      • Hunter-team system for difficult contracts (bonus credits on completion)
      • Discounts...

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