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Outer Rim Coalition (The Underground)

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We were the Underground: raids and gunrunning, decentralized and more than a little disreputable. We've fought the Dark Side from the Deep Core to the Unknown Regions. After liberating Kal'Shebbol we stayed until the job was done, restoring order and toppling oppressive governments all in the name of liberty. 


Now we have been tasked with a new duty; maintaining the peace across these troubled Territories. The odds are against us. We have our freighters, our shadowports, and the weapons on our belts -- and that's pretty much it. But we've run insurgencies for years against odds just as grim; we know what we're doing. We don't intend to stop until this Galaxy is safe again.


We are now the Coalition, with the backing of independent worlds across the Outer Rim and the Judges who watch over them we fight so that what we set free, stays free.

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Our Story

 The story in a nutshell:


 * After the Underground liberated and defended the worlds in and around the Kathol Outback, those worlds banded together into a mutual defense pact known as the Outer Rim Coalition. Overseen by the same agency that united them, the Underground allows its constituents to govern themselves so long as they do not interfere in the affairs of others.


 * Where civilized space has the Jedi Knights, the Outer Rim Coalition has the Judges. Like the Wardens of the Sky, Judges roam the spacelanes and keep a low profile, guarding the frontier against raiders and tyrants. They carry legendary guns alongside their lightsabers, and pilot tramp freighters instead of sleek fighters. You’re more likely to see a Judge in a dusty coat than anything like Jedi robes. 


 * The Outer Rim Coalition has its roots in the struggle against tyranny. It has no patience for Imperial and authoritarian regimes. After sheltering much of the Galactic Alliance Remnant, the region has only grown more radical. Militias now freely wander the Territories, only controlled by the Underground leadership in principle.


Where do I fit in?


 * Many who come to our faction ask this question. With our neutral sandbox it is tough to decide were to begin. 

 *** Note, they are just templates of character you may find in the Outer Rim Coalition (ORC) you are by no means limited to these, please feel free to create a character to your individual tastes.

Privateers (Smuggler / Pirates)


The Outer Rim is a haven for smugglers, outlaws, and businessmen of questionable ethics. Here both good and not so good men and women make an “honest” living, transporting cargo in light freighters and acquiring credits in not so legal ways. Classic archetypes from Star Wars would be Han Solo and Lando Calrissian.


Peacekeeper Corps/Planetary Defense Forces - (Faction “Military”) 


The Coalition has no formal standing army. Instead it operates as a collective of planetary defense forces organized and lead by the Underground known as the Peacekeeper Corps or Peacekeeper Militia. Composition and abilities of each unit will differ but they all have one thing in common. They fight not only for their homeworld but for the freedom of the Rim. Canon examples are the Bacarna System Defence Force and the 8th Division.


The UNDERGROUND (Faction Special Ops - Espionage )


The dream that is the Coalition began with a spark. The Underground was that spark, and even after the region evolved into a bastion of freedom it still plays a pivotal role. Its agents fight for independence from slavers, tyranny and oppression. It is these shadowy leaders who control the Rim, striking out at authoritarian powers from the fringes. Classic archetypes from Star Wars would be Cassian Andor and Princess Leia Organa Solo.


Council of the Living Force (Force-Users)


In the Rim all are free to practice the Force as they wish as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others. Most believers of the faith come here for seclusion or self imposed exile for actions of the past. Through a common connection many have banded together to share thoughts and beliefs or on the rare occasion to address issues with one who has fallen so far that drastic measures must be taken. Classic archetypes from Star Wars would be Maz Kanata and Kyle Katarn.


Where can I learn more about the Coalition and its systems?


 * Welcome to the Outer Rim


Other Stuff...


 * Here is also a link to a catch all document we created to help folks navigate the massive amount of lore and OOC items we have to review. - X Here

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Owner: Atlas Drake

Founded: 12-January 15

Members: 553


  • Faction News - Elrood Update

    by Bryce Bantam Apr 17 2019 10:13 PM









    Are you a smuggler or thief? Are you looking for something to smuggle or steal. Do you wish there were more threads where you could, well, be you? Well look no further, ORC has light freighters galore, all free for the taking, literately you take it, you keep it.


    This is a great thread for for anyone looking to flesh out a new smuggler or thief character, or maybe dust off a character you enjoyed making but had nothing to do with them.


    Please feel free to drop in however you like, even if you have a ship we will setup a thread you can sell it to a less then reputable buyer.


    Thread link 

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