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The First Order

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The First Order is a power denied. The once mighty empire, which dominated the Western Reaches of the Galaxy, and shattered the once indomitable Galactic Alliance, was too destroyed. The Ssi-Ruuk, a wretched vermin from whose domian outside the Galaxy reaped revenge against the Order, paralysing its military apparatus before terrorising its populace. Unable to form a proper defence, and its capitol ravaged by the saurian invader, the First Order fled, to the far reaches of Pa'Desh. Seeking refuge and respite, until it can enact vengeance on those who defied them and the opportunists who attempt to usurp years of investment in the peoples of the Outer Rim.

Our Current Home
Pa'Desh (x), an archaic monarchy in the far vestiges of the Unknown Regions has granted us asylum for a time. At one point, we were allies, and us the leader in our arrangement. But now, we pitifully rent land from them, the entirety of our territory relegated to an ancient fortress (x) within a river riven by filth and sewerage. But at least we have a home, an abode to rest until we can return and absorb our former dominions into ourselves. 

The Retribution Corps
No longer can our forces rely on a nigh infinite supply of manpower and supply to do our bidding. Instead, as we steadily rebuild and reinforce, the task of avenging our empire and destroying the enemy comes down to the Retribution Corps. An unholy alliance of men and women from all branches of the military services both special forces and combat regulars, bound together with the task to enforce the will of the First Order and ensure its legacy is untarnished. 

The First Imperial Navy

The battles of Dosuun, the Ison Corridor and Bakura crushed the First Order Navy. Any and all dreadnaughts were destroyed in the desperate defences of these system, or taken by Grand Admiral Cyrus Tregessar in his campaign to avenge the Order. Now the only reliable strength given to the Order is by the Sixth and Seventh fleets, whose remnants now form the last vestiges of the proud First Imperial Navy. 


The Knights Of Ren

The mysterious disappearance of Supreme Leader Sieger Ren during the pitched fighting on Dosuun, has seen the once secretive order decay. Once a united praetorian guard of force users with unrelenting loyalty to their patron, the Knights of Ren are now riven by tension and suspicion of their new leaders. They have now found themselves being forced less to defend the leadership, and now to lead the First Order's armies into battle. 


The First Order Security Bureau
Perhaps one of the few agencies left unscathed by the Ssi-Ruuk are the FOSB. Secretive as always, the Bureau's web of agents still operate throughout the galaxy, dispatching agents to collect intelligence from all corners of it, and dispatch them to Pa'Desh. The Bureau still is the long arm of imperial law, ever watching and waiting for the order to exterminate. 


The Government
With Dosuun sacked and Grand Moff Fortan, and her Moff Council missing or dead, the business of government has been left to men of military means. Grand Admiral Carlyle Rausgeber, leader of the Sixth Fleet and de-facto ruler now convenes a junta of military officers and bureaucrats in the catacombs beneath Pa'Desh's Old Fort, strategising the next move for the Order and gearing up for the total war that will be coming. 


  • MOTM February 2019

    by Natasi Fortan Feb 02 2019 08:50 AM



    Please join me in congratulating @Robogeber for being the Member of the Month for February 2019!


    Carlyle has been with us for a long time and has been a strong presence in all our major campaigns, from Kaeshana and the First Order/Galactic Alliance War to recent activity surges to pull us back from recall notices to our recent speed-dominion of the Terminus Hex, where he contributed a significant portion of the required posts for the faction to initiate a Rebellion of the hex despite a heavy OOC working schedule. Carlyle is always ready to offer a hand and work on improving our navy and is an all-around Good Fellow™ to have on our side (taste in memes notwithstanding). 


    Thanks for all you do, Carlyle, and congratulations again on being February First Order Member of the Month. 

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  • GwnR5nD.png


    Hello, everyone, and welcome to 2019! It's a brand new year and a brand new opportunity for the First Order to put its stamp on the galaxy. Stay tuned for further updates on the direction of our faction and new story arcs coming from your admin team. In the interim, I wanted to take a quick moment to reintroduce myself and let you all know that I will be taking on member services and outreach for the First Order. I have some plans that I'd like to share with you, as well as some things I'd like you to do for me to help improve our faction. So without further fuss, please read on for the things I plan to do for the First Order starting today. 


    • Refurbishment of the First Order forums: While much of our faction business takes place on the Discord, there is plenty of information that is available and useful on our forums. We've made revisions to the forums a few times and tried to make it user-friendly and approachable for new members and old ones alike, and I am committing to continuing that effort to make our forums as attractive and useful as possible. To that end, you may notice that some things have changed on the First Order homepage. This is still very much a work in progress, so please feel free to check back and see updates as they com...

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    • Faction Update 7/24/18

      by The Major Jul 24 2018 01:11 PM



      It has been a year since the last news update, and it was a long and arduous one at that. Allies and enemies alike have fallen in this period, but the First Order has reigned supreme in the end. After a multitude of invasions, skirmishes, and faction threads - our friends in the Galactic Alliance have finally decided to admit defeat in the adversity like their predecessors before them. The board-wide Great Galactic War is over, and with it are many changes that will affect the First Order and beyond.
    • Faction Update | 8/2/17

      by Progflaw99 Aug 02 2017 11:54 AM



      Greetings my fellow Imperials! It's been a couple months since our last update, and while typically I'd prefer to do these updates quarterly on schedule, I think we have a unique opportunity at the present to implement a few changes and update the Faction as to what we as a staff have had in the works. So without further ado, I'll go ahead and jump right in!


      Current Faction Staff:

      Rolf Amsel | Natasi Fortan | Torian Pierce

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    • Victory at Hoth!

      by Natasi Fortan Jul 13 2017 10:00 AM



      Just a little note to let you all know we are working on an in-character victory celebration for your victory at Hoth and in the larger war. In the meantime, please enjoy this piece of tasteful propaganda.

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