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The First Order

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"The Galaxy is calling.

We will let it know we have heard."

Dark winds are blowing in the Force, a new power is rising from the outer-reaches of the galaxy and the red maw of conquest is being laid across devastated worlds and subjugated governments. From the ashes of the Empire came a scattered waste of Imperial Warlords and their followers, each fighting for their own survival in a galaxy that held them without want, reason or cause. 
From these remnants the First Order was formed. An authoritarian belief that through power order and discipline within the galaxy can be restored, within the shadows they have mustered up their strength, built armies and restored allies long forgotten, with the roar of a TIE-Fighter and the white fist of a Stormtrooper they prepare to march on into the galaxy.
The First Order is led by Sieger Ren, a mysterious and shadowy figure that arose shortly after the fall of the Imperial Remnant. This self-imposed Supreme Leader has the complete faith and fanatical support of the First Order in his quest for Conquest and Revenge.
The call has been issued, the banners have been raised. All Imperial and First Order supporters are welcomed among the banner of the Red Maw.
We have openings within all our faction elements;
Wear the white armour of a Stormtrooper or sit in the cockpit of a TIE-Fighter, we are looking for those who wish to wage war on a personal level. Commit to the FIRST ORDER MILITARY today and see the stars our way!
Within the shadows of the galaxy their lies secrets and espionage. We seek professionals and those experienced within the games of deceit to join the secretive UBIQTORATE. Register your will and begin your spy games now.
Beneath the iron rule of the Supreme Leader lies the council of Moffs and Overseers. Planets need to be governed and ran in accordance to the laws of the First Order and those of high political interest and intellect are invited to be selected for THE GOVERNING COUNCIL and rule the First Orders territory as you see fit.
Secretive, mysterious and fanatically loyal to the Supreme Leader are the Knights of Ren. These Force Users have formed their own brotherhood within the First Order and are seen upon the battlefields, negotiations and independently around the galaxy. What their goals entail are unknown outside of their order itself. The Force is calling, will you let it in? Bow to the KNIGHTS OF REN and be part of something bigger.
Every governing body knows that you can’t be everywhere. The First Order has initiated a Guild House system to allow Independents who support the ways of the First Order, yet would rather not join their strict military systems to give their professional trades as a boon to the Supreme Leader. Mercenaries, Bounty Hunters, Traders, Pirates and everything in-between are welcome within the Guild Houses. Join the INDEPENDENT SECTOR and help us build a secure and safe society.  
Faction owner - Rolf Amsel
Admins- Samka Derith - Ara Zambrano
Moderators - Asharad Graush - Madelyn Lowe


Owner: Rolf Amsel

Founded: 08-September 15

Members: 643

Latest Posts


  • Faction Update | 8/2/17

    by Rolf Amsel Aug 02 2017 11:54 AM



    Greetings my fellow Imperials! It's been a couple months since our last update, and while typically I'd prefer to do these updates quarterly on schedule, I think we have a unique opportunity at the present to implement a few changes and update the Faction as to what we as a staff have had in the works. So without further ado, I'll go ahead and jump right in!


    Current Faction Staff:

    Rolf Amsel | Natasi Fortan | Torian Pierce

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  • Victory at Hoth!

    by PL Writer Account Jul 13 2017 10:00 AM



    Just a little note to let you all know we are working on an in-character victory celebration for your victory at Hoth and in the larger war. In the meantime, please enjoy this piece of tasteful propaganda.

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  • Hello members of the First Order!

    Over the last month and a half we've had a lot of adjustments - some pretty significant, others not so much but at the end of the day I've decided to shuffle things up slightly. A few of the changes you're already aware of - so I won't detail those here, but others are not and so without further ado, I'd like to introduce two of our newest faction staff!

    Faction Owner: Rolf Amsel
    Faction Admins: Natasi Fortan | Torian Pierce
    Faction Moderators: Valessia Brentioch | Samka Derith

    Torian Pierce: As a former Faction Owner himself, he brings a lot of organizational skills and administrative knowledge to the team. In addition he's had a great history in both the factory and the codex and so in bri...

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  • tC3e0aN.png


    Congratulations on Samka Derith for being the Member of the Month for January, 2017!


    Since she has joined, Samka Derith has proved to be an invaluable resource to the Knights of Ren. Her contributions to the faction's efforts -- Dominions as well as Knights of Ren threads and faction threads -- have had a noticeable impact on our success thus far. In addition, she has a positive attitude in our Discord chat (even when pestered by Carlyle Rausgeber about whatever inane question he has at any given moment), and has shown an eagerness to write with other branches and factions.


    Please join me in congratulating Samka!


    Happy New Year!

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  • HyLNnCV.png


    Congratulations! If you're reading this, and you're a member of the First Order, then you are the Member of the Month for December 2016.


    OK, I get it, it's a little hokey -- but it comes from a place of truly deep appreciation and gratitude for each one of you, who has made this a remarkable year for the First Order. Everyone who played a part, everyone who wrote a post, everyone who discussed and debated and voted on the direction of our faction -- you're all responsible for the success of our faction, and that is why you're the Member of the Month.


    Each one of you brings something unique and interesting to this faction, and to the board. This faction is a fascist dictatorship in-character, but members of all types have found a home here, from Roderik von Brinkerhoff and

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