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The Last Jedi

Welcome to the Alliance-in-Exile. Once a beacon of hope and justice dedicated to the expulsion of the dark side from the galaxy, we are now a hunted people.

Led by what remains of High Command consisting of our State Leader, Fleet Admiral, and Jedi General, the Alliance is home to some of the galaxy's best and most dedicated men and women.

Even eclipsed in darkness our government continues to value freedom, independence, and flawless cooperation. Our military may be piecemeal in construction, but is built of some of the best contractors, pilots, smugglers, soldiers and warriors the galaxy has seen. Our Jedi are determined to bring the Light Side back to the galaxy.

Faction Owner:

Faction Admins:
Coren Starchaser

Mathieu Bahreiko

Aryn Teth

To provide the most efficient assistance, please contact all of us with comments, concerns, suggestions, and questions.


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Owner: Zark

Founded: 15-September 15

Members: 670


  • Welcome to D'Qar

    by Coren Starchaser Jul 05 2018 06:09 PM

    Alliance in Exile Broadcast 001

    D’Qar Command Center

    Secure Channel

    Encrypted Message


    This message is being sent out on secure Alliance channels. Loyalist vessels are arriving at D’Qar by the day, with even more reporting in and working from afar to assist with the defense of our former worlds. Since the events of the betrayal from Sith Lady Taeli Raaf and the loss of Supreme Commander Aryn Teth, the Outer Rim Coalition has provided the world of D’Qar to allow for our forces to rally and base from. Chief of State Jaius Sovv has remained in his position and has recently promoted Coren Starchaser to General of the Army and Commander of the Sector Forces. In conjunction with this move, Mazik Stazi has been promoted to Fleet Admiral of the Core Fleet, the primary defense force for the newly renamed Alliance in Exile.


    Rogue Squadron has arrived on D’Qar, from a variety of starships and are looking intent on getting back out to the fight. Fleets are coming in, battle groups being reformed, and the brave men and women of our military being granted surplus material, and ships. The fleet is serving as both a defensive force and as a patrolling force under the title of the Outback Patrol Group, ensuring...

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  • mKey2S0.png



    Coruscant Office | Alliance Editorials


    Along with our Outer Rim affiliate Sullust Central News Network, the Galaxy Beacon will continue to bring you all the latest updates on world events and trade policy throughout Galactic Alliance space and beyond. Wounded by conflict on multiple fronts that marked the onset of what has been termed a Great Galactic War, the Alliance now seeks to regroup and rebuild so that their collective dream of a peaceful and tolerant galactic society free from the destructive yolk of Darkside influence and the suffering such reigns breed will be preserved.


    With Sullust and its surrounding systems currently undergoing a refugee crisis in the wake of the First Order's blockade of primary southern shipping lanes, the Triumvirate Council proposed a shift in federal capital back to Coruscant at last, and this decision was soon ratified by the Galactic Alliance...

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  • The One Sith Remnant are smuggling goods onto Coruscant to aid anti-GA extremists. Investigators and interdiction units have been dispatched to the world to find the root source of these goods. In the same sweep, the Alliance forces are working to bring Dorsis under the banner of freedom and progress.



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  • Funeral of Omai Rhen

    by Coren Starchaser Feb 22 2018 02:01 PM

    For anyone in the GA/NJO and Fringe groups. On Sullust, the NJO is putting together a funeral for the recently deceased (at Byss) Grand Marshal Omai Rhen. The first Grand Marshall of the NJO and one of the original Triumvirate who directed the Alliance's path.



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  • Ojom, a frozen world, near to the Alliance space, is under siege by pirates. Stations, including their crews and cargo, are in grave danger. Deploy with the Alliance to dominion this world, and save the souls of these structures



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