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The Jen'ari Empire

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Current Faction RP's

If you'd like to contribute we need tanks and ships built for our armory.


Also when building stuff for the factory regarding vehicles and ships and weapons, your welcome to use the Jen'ari Empire's company linked below!


Sith Imperial Foundry

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Once a great Sith Empire lead by the Sith Emperor Vitiate nearly 5,000 years ago during the Great Galactic War and The Cold War. The Reconstituted Sith Empire from the Old Republic was a fearsome force.

The Reconstituted Sith Empire has returned as The Jen'ari Empire. Quietly we waited and built up our power hidden away. And now, now we have returned to rule the galaxy as it is our force-given right.


The Jen'ari Empire for all intents and purposes is the Reconstituted Sith Empire from Star Wars: The Old Republic, once under the rule of the Immortal Vitiate, but now Ruled over by the fearsome insidious powerful Dark Lord Darth Vyrassu for over 600 years. The beliefs of the Jen'ari Empire differ very much from The rule of one created by Darth Krayt that is now being used by the Sith Empire. The views and beliefs of the Jen'ari Empire are that of the Sith Order of the old republic under the Sith Empire, not one Dark Lord but many

We teach a variety of things that let's you walk to the path you choose as a sith, whether it be a hardened warrior, sorcerer, witch, an assassin, even soldiers and mercenaries are welcome. We have special divisions/groups that specialize in even deeper and darker paths of the sith to fully develop you into the darkside and as such if your looking for that master and apprentice development we have those that would love to help you with that. So come and get an experience in the darkside you never thought imaginable.



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