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The Outer Regions Defense Force

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Owner: Shmi DragonsFlame

Founded: 24-November 15

Members: 124


On the fringes of space lies over a hundred different threats, the Outer Regions Defense Force remain alert, to defend the galaxy from what lies beyond the outer rim. Stationed in the far reaches of space, this decentralized organization has a joint-militia populated by Jedi and volunteers from the many diverse settlements along the fringe that agree to take up arms and act as defenders against the terrors of the dark.

The Republic doesn’t exist out here…survival is left up to us. We stand watch and we protect.





The Summit is the governing council responsible for the overall direction and operation of The Outer Regions Defense Force. In order for the organization to maintain its quick responsiveness and adaptability in broad range emergencies, this governing body is charged with command of the O.R.D.F, a militia that draws on volunteers from many diverse backgrounds. Membership on the august body is limited to three persons at a time, consisting of: The Grand Master, First Master Commander, and Grand Marshall.





Despite the multiple attempts to eradicate the Jedi, they have continued to be revered as guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy. The Knights of Urr were formed from a remnant of Jedi who decided to sever ties with the Galactic Republic to escape political scheming and the temptation of war to become a more stabilizing, and peacekeeping force, protecting the people of the fringe. Led by their Knight-Commanders they lead from the front, wielding the mystical energies of the Force and their signature weapons to honor life, and protect civilization. 





The O.R.D.F is a joint-military unit comprised of both Jedi and Volunteers. The Knights of Urr, make up Jedi Command, taking on military ranks and leading from the front. The Ground forces are made up of volunteers from diverse settlements, mercenaries, prisoners of war, etc. Overseen and led by their Grand Marshal, these people work to dedicate their lives to protect the edges of the galaxy from lawless villainy, and terrors from the dark.


  • Liberation of O'reen

    Where It All Began


    Thread Here




    The flames of rebellion burn on the fringe of space. On the fortified planet of O'reen, the civilian population grows restless as they push for change under the militaristic dictatorship that forces them to be cut off from the rest of the galaxy.


    After their leader, The Magnus, raided vagrant Tarro colonist and began to use their lives to keep the O'reenian Resistance at bay, their agents had no choice but to send a distress signal to The Jedi Order.<...

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