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The Je'daii Order

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Owner: Niaami Solas

Founded: 24-January 16

Members: 65


The Je'daii Order

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge

There is no fear, there is power

I am the heart of the Force

I am the revealing fire of light

I am the mystery of darkness

In balance with chaos and harmony,

Immortal in the Force


The Je'daii Code



  • The Sounds of Anvil

    by Mariya Fleischer Feb 19 2019 08:32 AM



    Je'daii Master Thorve Emberfall has received a message from the Gods and has opened up the forge. This serves as a thread for all Je'daii members to pursue their Trials or just hang out. We are opening up the thread to others as well who are aligned with the faction's views on neutrality. You can join by clicking on the picture above. See you all there :)

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  • 5XK3LkQ.png


    Join me in breathing life into the Je'daii once more!


    In honor of all that this Faction has achieved in the past,

    and in those who have worked so hard and invested so much heart in it...


    Let us show the Galaxy the way of Balance and Harmony that can be found in the Force,

    That War and violence is not all that there is to the existence of those blessed with such gifts.


    The Meissa System awaits...

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  • Disciples Of The Force

    by Niaami Solas May 26 2018 10:44 PM



    A thread for training and socializing within The Je'daii Order.

    The Silent Temple is open to all who come with a peaceful heart and conscious mind.


    A Land Before Time

    by Niaami Solas May 26 2018 10:23 PM



Since before there was such a thing as Hyperspace Travel, the Nine Tho Yor of the Je'daii Temple have stood upon the temperate lands of Tython deep within the Core. A volatile world, legend tells of its affinity for balance and unpredictable temper when it is met with forces of extreme alignments. Though the planet these days is settled and quiet, despite its recent history regarding the Jedi Order, scars and reminders lay dotted throughout the lands, remnants of Force Storms and battles once waged.


It is time for the Je'daii to come home, if only for a time, to discover what these lands have in store for them, and to unearth secrets of their past previously unknown to them.



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  • Fields of Black Glass

    by Ignis Imura Apr 14 2018 08:14 AM



    With the construction of the new Je'daii Temple of Vur Tepe upon the planet of Tem within the Meissa system, It's doors have opened to all those who wish to seek for instruction of Force imbued, or Alchemy based weapons, trinkets, and armor. The doors are also open to explore the planet of Tem, Make sure you wear your masks and that they are on tight! Oh! Maybe you would like a tour with your Favorite Je'daii Steward Ignis Imura? Or maybe you are new to the faction as a whole and you wish to join!? Jump on in and let everyone know you are here to work with us in some shape or form. 


    Welcome to the First planet from the star of the Meissa system, and the planet that Vur Tepe will now call its home within the new current day and age. 


    OOC Objectives: 

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