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The SwarmSurge

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IC: Stage 1
Nothing much is known yet. A few hives, some bugs, a few hunters and some outbreaks of flu.
Stage 0 Completed. 

Goals: Fun. Bad Guys for any Faction. Terror in the Dark.


Particle Swarm Theory, life finding a way.

Insects, Plants, Viruses, Parasites. Starting with the smallest elements of life and growing like a virus. Not the big giants you see in the storybooks at first, the hive doesn't start like that. It is insidious, hard to track, hard to know when it has infected a world by transport, or by a carrier. Most will only physically see it acting when it is far too late. It has already begun, so very slowly.


Growing, seeding and thriving. Feeding off worlds around it to develop itself. A decentralized hive mind collectively growing more intelligent the more worlds it lingers on. Those it has been long enough to achieve a passable state of collective consciousness, the more creatures it infects. You cannot reason with the swarm. Your diplomats will be its lunch or worse if sent. It understands only expansion and growth.


There are those granted swarm intelligence, firstspawns, predators, purespawn, hive talons, wildspawn, one consciousness, one will working together. The SwarmSurge will try to trick you, lie, pretend it isn't anything to worry about. It will deflect attention by looking like mutation, flawed growth, illness, disease, something to sweep under the rug and forget about or treat at the local clinic, successively getting more evolved.

Evolving consciousness is their goal. Growing, Adapting and Thriving.


Owner: Kylraya

Founded: 02-July 16

Members: 23

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    by Akestos Feb 09 2019 06:51 AM

    Recent SwarmSurge Activity
    Stages the SwarmSurge is at on a planet, the stage doesn't indicate size, it's the seasons for the Hive. The size is down to whatever the rp needs. From a forest or cave system, to a city, region or planet. This helps it work with dominions, rebellions, or invasions. Fitting the flow of anyone's story.
    Starbase: Star Reach Corebound (Open)
    Infection Stage
    Alderaan- Infection
    Antar 4 - Infection
    Enigma - Infection. Thread
    Seeding Stage
    Lothal - Seeding
    Voss - Seeding
    Kashyyyk- Seeding
    Prakith - Seeding - Finished Thread

    Hive stage
    Tython- Hiving

    Vendaxa - Hiving- Finished Thread


    Swarm Stage